Instrument for continuously broaden its application domain to promote enterprise progress

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-31
With the extension of the national economy and the progress of production technology, in all areas of national product each production department, for the active control and testing skills put forward more and more high demand, the primary driver of the resulting, instrument and meter industry have produced a lot of initiative control and detection of new skills and new goods, embellish of instrument science and technology as a member, instrument and meter industry in carry out under the background of economic integration, both to see in good situation and vision, and could not avoid the problems and defects existing in the instrumentation industry, the development of magnetic level gauge turning problem is particularly prominent in this respect, on its own technology accumulation and production capacity, to ensure instrument and meter industry in the domestic competition has a robust health situation. There is no doubt that the instrument's intelligent has become an irreversible trend in instrumentation development, number skills used in the instrument not only make its function, has been the rapid increase of the precision, magnetic level gauge turning in production, the use of digital technology is in constant depth, and along with the field bus, upgrading, product upgrading for the instrument and complete function, high accuracy and efficiency of further especially multi-parameter online real-time measurement and control and active control, high stability, high solid, high adaptability, multi-function, low consumption and supply the infinite power and to carry out the space, make smart meters faster for the exchange of information, become actual pre-diagnosis, preliminary protection function. Problems and defects in domestic enterprises, therefore, solve the problem of the need to crack, how to effectively participate in market competition, it requires instrumentation industry including magnetic level gauge manufacturers to continuously expand new areas, turning breaking research strength thin this flaw, allows businesses to obtain robust stability. In active testing skills, active control skills, safety instruments, sensors, wireless skills will become the future needs today, such as these as we need to focus on and the key to break, how to increase the new areas of expansion, also will be for instrumentation industry has brought great opportunities.
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