In the turbine meter manufacturer embellish instrument for instrument selection and use of technical guidance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-28
Turbine flowmeter introduction: type flow meter, turbine flowmeter is a kind of speed because of the high measurement precision, response speed, wide measuring range, the price is low, the advantages of convenient installation, are widely used in chemical production. Turbine flowmeter is widely applied in the following measurement object: oil, organic liquid and inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas and cryogenic fluid, etc. By the turbine turbine flowmeter, bearing, preamplifier, display instrument. Turbine transmitter working principle is that when the fluid flow along the pipe axis direction, and impact turbine blades, there is flow with qv and fluid density, velocity V r is proportional to the product of the force on the blades, turbine rotate. In turbine rotate at the same time, blade cutting electromagnet field lines, periodically change coil magnetic flux. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, within the coil will be induced the voltage signal of the pulse ( The pulse signal frequency and flow rate is proportional to the current body) 。 Turbine transmitter output pulse signal, after prior to the amplifier amplification, send people display instrument, to realize the flow measurement. Liquid turbine flowmeter selection point: in the chemical plant selection and use should be paid attention to: good flowmeter ontology choose 316 stainless steel material to corrosion; Attention should be paid to ensure that corrosion can not be made for turbine measured medium, especially bearing, otherwise measures should be taken to, priority should be given in general chemical places bearing using ptfe, carbon graphite materials before the installation of turbine flowmeter, pipeline cleaning, unclean when measured medium, to add filters, otherwise the turbine, bearing easily stuck, measuring flow rate. Should be installed in the transmitter, to avoid vertical installation and ensure that have to adapt to straight pipe before and after, generally in the first 10 d, 5 d. Selects the turbine flowmeter is mainly focuses on its high accuracy, but should pay attention to, the higher the meter accuracy, is more sensitive to the change of site conditions of use, so the installation of turbine flow time, before and after the pipe flange level, otherwise the pipeline stress had a great influence on flow meter. Sensors should be installed to facilitate maintenance and avoid pipeline vibration, no strong electromagnetic interference and anti radiation effects. Gas turbine flowmeter selection should consider from the following aspects: ( 1) The density of the gas, the gas turbine flowmeter, the influence of fluid physical properties are mainly gas density. Its effect on the meter coefficient is larger, and mainly in the low flow area. If gas density change frequently, to meter the flow coefficient of correction measures. ( 2) Flow range: the choice of turbine flowmeter flow range have large effects on the accuracy and use fixed number of year, and each diameter of flowmeter has the certain measuring range, flow meter caliber choice is determined by the flow range. For instrument operation time is not more than eight hours a day in the intermittent work situation, choose the actual when using large flow rate of 1. Three times as the maximum flow range; For daily instrument the actual running time no less than eight hours of continuous work situation, choose the actual when using large flow rate of 1. Four times as flow range limit. Instrument minimum flow with actual use small flow of 0. Eight times as appropriate. ( 3) The pressure loss: as far as possible choose small pressure loss of turbine flowmeter. ( 4) Accuracy level: not the higher the better, according to the actual situation to choose suitable is important! In general, selects the turbine flowmeter is mainly focuses on its high accuracy. But the higher the accuracy of flowmeter, more sensitive to the change of site conditions of use, therefore, the selection of precision instrument carefully, should from the economic point of view. Trade settlement instrument, for large diameter gas pipeline on the instrument investment is more economical. And on the occasion of medium accuracy with low throughput level. ( 5) Structure: & middot; Internal structure appropriate chooses the type turbine flowmeter. Because the push structure within a certain range of traffic in a floating state, can make the impeller axial there is no contact point, endless surface friction and wear, can prolong the service life of bearing. · According to the pipeline connection mode selection, flowmeter has two ways of the horizontal and vertical installation, horizontal and pipeline connection flange connection, threaded connection and connection. Medium caliber choose flange connection; Small diameter and high pressure pipeline selects the threaded connections: clamp connection is only applicable to low pressure medium and small diameter; Vertical installation only threaded connections. · According to the environmental condition selection, considering the influence of temperature and humidity. Natural gas measurement to choose this type explosion-proof turbine flowmeter. ( 6) Bearing, bearing of turbine flowmeter will typically have three classes of tungsten carbide, ptfe, carbon graphite material. Natural gas metering instrument bearing should choose tungsten carbide material.
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