In the electromagnetic flow meter used for objection to the comparison and processing method of measured data

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-14
Electromagnetic flowmeter, as a sophisticated electronic measuring equipment, or pretty tall to the requirement of environment and installation, need * * installation personnel according to the use of field to make appropriate choices. In spite of this, after the electromagnetic flowmeter and put into production, because of the instrument itself and the changes of environment and measurement conditions, can cause electromagnetic flowmeter the measured results and the difference in the real situation of the actual, so operators need to according to the different objection to make a comparison of measured data, and for objection conditions make corresponding treatment methods, to great extent improve the stability of the instrument accuracy and work. 1. Due to the use of electromagnetic flowmeter calibration is difficult, at present the country promulgated JJG1033 - 2007 'electromagnetic flowmeter verification regulation' no regulation online detection of permissible error. Because the electromagnetic flowmeter accuracy level higher than that of ultrasonic flowmeter accuracy level, so online than with the ultrasonic flowmeter to the electromagnetic flowmeter, the test comparison of data error values only as a preliminary judgment and reference, the test data is not qualified as the judge the electromagnetic flowmeter or unqualified verification conclusion. 2. When found the measurement data of the electromagnetic flowmeter have objection, the division standard practice is to use a portable ultrasonic flowmeter for electromagnetic flowmeter test at online. Selects the accuracy grade of 0. 5% ultrasonic flowmeter and the national legal institutions after verification, by the buyers and sellers together on into the electromagnetic flowmeter, the factory water scene, choose different flow point, multiple sets of testing for many times, will give different measurement deviation, then the deviation correction for water supply. In addition, when the user data for the measurement of the electromagnetic flowmeter have objection when we according to the water supply contract also employ a third party has the qualification of testing institutions for trade settlement with users on-line detection of electromagnetic flowmeter, according to the third party inspection agencies inspection report, and as a result, the Shared by both parties through friendly discussion.
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