Guarantee of accurately measuring the outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter operation essentials

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-22
Clip type ultrasonic flowmeter is all types of flow measurement instrument, installation is simple and fast, and the user as long as in the line to select a suitable measurement point, the measurement point of pipeline related parameters through the panel or hand operator input into the meter, at the same time to probe in pipe fixed above can be measured. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter when installing a probe, dense part while looking for pipe material, pipe outside the installation area must be clean, pipe parts all need to clean up the rust and paint, conditional case, had better use grinder to grind flat grinding, and then use clean dishcloth dips in acetone or alcohol to wipe the grease and dirt, then in the center part of the probe and tube wall coated with enough coupling agent. When the pipeline is very thick or because there are a suspended in the liquid and tube wall scaling the lining is too thick or too thick, causing v method to install the signal is weak, the machine can't work normally, should choose the z method of installation. The reason is; When using the z method, ultrasonic transmission directly in the pipeline, no refraction ( Called ChanShengCheng) , the signal attenuation is small. The z method measurable range of pipe diameter is 100 mm to 6000 mm. Actual installation flow timing, it is suggested that more than 200 mm pipes to choose method of z ( The measured signal) 。 When the transmission ratio exceeds 100 & plusmn; When the range of 3, should check the parameters ( Pipe diameter, wall thickness, pipe material, lining, etc. ) Whether the input is correct, the installation of the probe distance is consistent with the data in m25, probe is installed in a straight line, the pipe axis scaling, whether there is too thick pipe is elliptical deformation of the installation points, etc. Check installation refers to check whether the probe installation is appropriate, whether can receive the correct and strong enough, can make the machine working ultrasonic signal, in order to ensure the machine run reliable for a long time. By checking the received signal strength, the total transmission time, the time difference and the transmission time is, can determine whether the installation. Signal strength ( Shown in the m90) Refers to the upstream and downstream directions on the strength of the received signal. Using 00. 0 ~ 99. 9 figures show that the relative signal intensity. 00. Couldn't get a signal 0 means; 99. 9 said large signal strength. In general, the greater the signal strength, the more stable reliable measurements, the more reliable operation for a long time. Installation quality is directly related to the flow value accurately, whether meter run reliable for a long time. Though most cases, the probe simply coated with coupling agent on the wall, can get the measured results, at this time or want to check the following to make sure we get good measurement results and makes the flow meter run reliable for a long time. Confirm outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is normal and reliable work, signal intensity, signal quality q value is higher, the greater the flow meter is can work reliably for a long time to the flow of the display value credibility is higher. If the environment electromagnetic interference is too big or accept the signal is too low, shows the flow value credibility is poor, there is little possibility for the long time reliable work. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Department personnel to alert users: outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter installation must free between the probe and the pipe wall can't bubble and gravel. On the horizontal section, to install the probe in the pipe cross section, on the horizontal axis of tube upside may exist in case. If the installation location of the space and not level symmetry probe, to ensure tube in part on the absence of bubbles, vertical or Angle to install the probe. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flow meter installed, put into use, when the medium velocity and diameter, full scale measurement generally medium, external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter of full flow can be measured medium velocity of 0. 5 - Choose 12 m/s scope, range is wide. Select instrument specifications ( Diameter) Not necessarily the same as the process piping, should see whether flow range within the scope of the flow velocity in measurement, namely when the pipeline flow rate is low, can not meet the requirement of the flow meter, or under the velocity measurement accuracy cannot guarantee, need to reduce the size instrument, thus improve the tube flow velocity, measurement results are satisfied. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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