Gears and waist wheel flowmeter installation requirements are as follows

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-28
1, gear, and waist waist wheel gear flowmeter flowmeter wheel flow meter can be installed in horizontal or vertical ( Is small in diameter), Line, when installed in vertical pipe runs, gear shaft or the rotor ( Waist wheel) Should be in a horizontal position. 2, in place of continuous operation, flow meter should be installed before and after the bypass valve and shut-off valve. 3, upstream side should install filters. When the gas in the liquid, the upstream side should also install the deaerator. 4, such as in vertical pipe runs, shall be installed as shown in figure 2. Figure 2 gear in vertical pipe runs and lobed rotor meter installation 1 & ndash; Flow meter tong; 2 a filter; 3 - Shut-off valve; 4 a bypass valve. 5, is greater than or equal to 150 mm diameter flowmeter and filter should be added support.
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