Gas company in selecting flow metering instrument to consider factors and corresponding countermeasures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-06
One, the gas company overview and the status quo of urban civil gas flow metering of natural gas companies and urban domestic gas generally includes urban gas, public buildings and buildings heating gases. The county domestic gas gas in 1 ~ 10 & times; 104 m3 / d, the villages and towns domestic gas gas is in commonly 100 ~ 10000 m3 / d, have individual users daily volume only a few tens of square, or even a few directions. Gas company, gas generally adopts advanced valve type orifice throttling device with transmitter, isolator, microcomputer measurement system, the villages and towns domestic gas generally USES intelligent precession flowmeter or gas turbine flowmeter measurement. Although users gas is relatively small, but as export measurement or related party transactions, its importance is obvious, we must handle affairs according to law, ensure measured data accurate and reliable. Still have some problems in the process of measurement, however, we need to continue to analysis, the summary, find a solution. Second, the gas company and the problems of urban domestic gas measurement, causes and countermeasures ( A) Flow meter and instrument selection is 1, the existence question and the reason, in the process of construction or overhaul project flowmeter selection often face difficult problem, the main difficult in the following case 1) , to the DN & ge; 80毫米,问通用电气; 1 × 104 m3 / d and is currently adopted intelligent precession flowmeter or gas turbine flowmeter measurement of reconstruction projects, for DN≥ 80 intelligent precession flowmeter or gas turbine flowmeter measurement error is bigger, in the relevant measurement management regulations have made specific provision: the selected nominal diameter vortex precession flowmeter generally shall not be greater than 50 mm. So as far as possible when reconstruction using hole valve with high intelligent instrument measuring, but often face installation position and other limitations. DN≥ 80m m,Q≤ 1× 104 m3 / d and is currently adopted intelligent precession flowmeter or gas turbine flowmeter metering reconstruction project, if you still choose intelligent precession flowmeter or gas turbine flowmeter, will cause the measurement deviation, but if use high hole valve with smart meters measurement, considering the installation location at the same time also will choose orifice, differential pressure transmitter difficult problem. 2) Under 200 m3, the daily volume, the gas supply pressure is zero. About 2 mpa users, even with smaller size ( DN20) The intelligent flowmeter, cannot satisfy the requirement of accurate measurement. If by reducing gas pressure for measurement, low gas pressure is likely to lead to users. At the same time, the current flow meter on the market can meet the only industrial gas meter of such user measurement, it is not usually installed in the station process area, is a process gas meter volume is larger, the second is far from the user. Such as the garden. empress double ancient standing gas, the monthly gas only 50 ~ 100 m3, does not conform to the stipulations of the metrological management; Need to strengthen supervision and management. ) 3) , using large diameter intelligent meter too much and did not * check the operation of checks found that all the assignments section export measuring more than 80 mm intelligent meter more than 31 units, more than 100 mm diameter of 8 units, a part of the manned QiZhan in use. Accuracy of intelligent flow meter is low, and in use after a period of time measurement generally low, not suitable for flow rate is greater than 1. 5× 104 m3 / d measuring points. Second, the part of the smart meter without * times calibration measurement is used for export, and used as custody transfer metering device, a potential measuring trade risk and legal liability risk. As some flowmeter, as a result of not *, parameter that generate large transport is poor, caused the metering disputes, affect the normal measurement. 5) , more factors should be considered in the selection, nominal pressure, working pressure, temperature, the number of users, the user properties, user requirements, user location, residents living habits, recent gas, long-term development plan, flow meter, technical performance and site use effect, investment costs, etc. That commonly encountered in the selection of one sector. 2, ( 1) Using large diameter intelligent flowmeter, choose matching orifice plate and differential pressure transmitter; Install TDS meter to ensure low flow measurement. If USES is intelligent precession flowmeter, in the yard conditions allow, should as far as possible to high hole valve with intelligent instrument measuring. To ensure the accuracy of measurement and the service life of the metering device. ( 2) Less gas to gas supply pressure is relatively high, users of measuring points, to meet the measurement requirements and handover measurement & other; The supplier management, the buyer's supervision & throughout; The principle of. ( 3) , due to long time needed for repairing, in order to ensure measurement, during the period of repairing, increase the spare table, temporary measure ( Using the appropriate TDS intelligent precession flowmeter) 。 Point for the measurement of the fault number, and stood, suggest to overhaul. ( 4) , in new or reconstruction project for design, selection of flowmeter must consider the above factors, integrated and comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of various options, all purpose in ensure the accuracy of measurement, easy to maintenance and calibration. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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