Embellish of instrument science and technology in the 2014 annual profit growth gradually rising steadily

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-26
Low at the beginning of 2014 meter industry's overall sales, but as the market sentiment degree rise, also prompted the instrumentation industry in China's main income month by month, up to 2014 in June, instrument industry main business revenue growth rate has exceeded the domestic manufacturing of 2. 8%, according to the momentum, the main business income in the second half of 2014 is expected to continue to grow. Honorary President of the China association of instrument and meter industry xi home into tells us that since 2014, according to the existing statistical data, the production and marketing situation of domestic current instrumentation industry overall at normal levels, the status quo is recovering from a profit growth in the first half of the industry, the main profit margins continue to rise, the import and export situation better than expected, growth reached double digits. These achievements obtained at home and abroad with the economic environment of inseparable, more important is come from the domestic instrument industry of the whole development level is rising. According to many years experience and xi of this year's data to judge says, is expected to year-round production and marketing of instrument and meter industry can reach 15% or so of the intended target, maintain rapid growth. Mainly manifested in two aspects: * : first the main income every month up xi become reporters analysis says, because last year base high reason, instrument and meter industry added value of main business income growth earlier this year a new low of this decade, 6. 5%) To march began to rebound from month to month, to the second quarter months added value growth has exceeded 12%, and in June, the added value of main business income growth has reached 12. 2 increase 6%, more than the domestic manufacturing. 8%, more than 1 mechanical industry. 9%; The added value of 1 ~ 6 month's main income cumulative growth is higher than domestic manufacturing growth of 0. 5%, lower than mechanical industry growth 0. 8%. Xi director also tells us that domestic currently the industry overall normal production situation, demand a slightly weak, did not appear obvious phenomenon of excess production capacity. Is expected to around 15% of annual production and sales goals, maintain rapid growth. Keep such growth is very important, to maintain an upward growth energy, can will be conducive to the industry's technology and production capacity of steady growth. Embellish instrument science and technology also felt in such an industry development situation, this year's remote transmission type magnetic level gauge and so on each instrument turning of sales on the basis of last year, is growing steadily. But also to see the instrument weak links of the industry, and that is: environmental monitoring, testing machine, analytical instruments, agriculture, forestry and fishing surveying and mapping instruments, electronic measurement, industrial automation instrument, the uniform industry's main business income although remain more than 15% of the growth; But the weak real estate, commercial, and domestic growth of influence, supply with instrumentation and automotive instrument slower growth; Slowly because of structure adjustment and traditional product demand 'saturated, instruments, clocks chronometric instruments such as low growth, to adjust and strengthen this aspect. Second, the profit growth gradually recovering instrument and meter industry profit year-on-year growth earlier this year started on the low side, to the second quarter began to rebound, but not by much. According to introducing, restricted by the characteristics of the instrument industry itself, the industry's accounts receivable, finished goods inventory, operating expenses, management fees, financial costs such as year-on-year growth were higher than the main revenue growth, particularly in finished goods inventories increased significantly, year-on-year growth has 9 by the end of last year. 18 in up to 16% this year. 11%, so the profit growth is the need of a more negative aspects to take corresponding countermeasures. Leap in science and technology of inventory also increased this year, such as remote transmission type magnetic level gauge turning inventory increase obviously, so need to be digested in a timely and effective manner, enlarge the market sales of products, growth in turnover of funds, for big profits. In this paper by embellish instrument gathering technology.
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