Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor measurement accuracy problems caused improper installation

by:KAIDI     2021-01-11
The industrialization production of flow meter because of the large harmful elements, the basic principle of the dashboard is as high as more than 10, many in more than 150 species. In the full automation technology in the automatic control system, data flow meter as signal source, although the total although account for only 1/5 of the system software, instruments and meters, but the price accounts for about a third; In scientific research evaluation of energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental pollution emission monitor dashboard about half. Therefore, it has key influence in the social economy. At this stage of the petroleum chemical industry equipment, water solution, the food industry and other manufacturing industries, the total capacity of electromagnetic flowmeter has become the equivalent of widely applied testing instrument, its technical already belongs to mature technology, product features and credibility is very good, as this kind of high precision electromagnetic flowmeter dashboard, for installation and application of high standards and regulations and in the application process, because of the careless and do not conform to the actual operation requirements, the hard to avoid causing indeed occurred in some cases, it must be the actual operation staff read product manual carefully before installation, in accordance with the standard regulations of the application, with attention to choose the appropriate installation position can be very good to give full play to the efficiency of the electromagnetic flowmeter, can ensure the reliability of its work reasonably, guarantee the accurate measurement of statistical data and application of precision of life of life. Electromagnetic flowmeter controller should be installed in the room dry bath shade. Prevent installed in high working temperature, not affected by vibration obviously, as far as possible to bypass have obvious electromagnetic field of machinery and equipment, such as motor, transformer, etc. Prevent gas corrosion were installed in place. Installation address for maintenance. It is to ensure that the controller all the normal operation of the natural environment standards. In order to ensure that the controller accurately measure outside tube filled with material to be tested, * * * good vertical installation, intelligent transmitter into the top-down. Especially in for liquid-solid two-phase six, it is important to the vertical installation. If only permissible standard installation on the spot, make sure the two level in the same sea level. Electromagnetic induction heat meter electrode measured to several millivolt alternating current flow pattern, with potential difference in controller is essential. Smooth so that the fluid potential difference and maintain equipotential with fluid mechanics, a controller to carry out accurate measurement in order to ensure smooth controller on both sides of the casing and the metal hose should be good grounding device, converter cabinet also can device. Ground wire resistance can not exceed 10 & cap; , can not be Shared with other electrical equipment wire connection. If can not ensure the controller casing and metal pipe good touch, use metal material transmission line will they connect to each other. Again on grounding device. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference, controller and converter data signals must be used in the middle of the block power transmission. Don't allow put shielded cable and power plug parallel surface in the same cable seamless steel pipe. Shielded cable length is usually not exceed 30 m. Should prevent ac, dc converter installation address and vibration, strong magnetic field working temperature for - 20 - 60 ℃, without corrosive gas, air humidity is not more than 90%. In order to avoid the harm of water flow points relative accurate measurement, flow control valve should be set in the controller in the middle and lower reaches. For diameter controller, because imports from electric level management center to the flowmeter web side spacing is equal to the length of the more diameter D, therefore to the upstream and downstream over that do not require. But a lot of electromagnetic flowmeter to a specification, usually upstream and downstream should be about 5 d to take over the period, usually do not take over the middle and lower section of the rules. , in other words, to ensure accurate measurement precision of electromagnetic flowmeter, the appropriate installation position is very critical, if you are in the application of the situation on the spot is multifarious, unable to choose the appropriate installation, please immediately contact the embellish dashboard high and new technology, good * * * can I see your real photos on the spot, is advantageous to the technical engineers to help you analyze and show me your * * * better solutions.
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