Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement medium with tube in the causes and solutions

by:KAIDI     2021-01-09
General measure quantity of cases, we in the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the fluid pipe, the pipe of the basic requirements to achieve full state of tube before accurate measurement. The state will be a full package of the measurement is not stable, because the full package status can be understood as the measured liquid medium contains a large amount of bubbles exist extremes. Liquid is not full of pipeline can be divided into two kinds of circumstances, a liquid level height is higher than the level of the electrode, another is lower than the level of the measured liquid. Liquid level height is higher than the electrode surface in the pipe, if the pipe before and after the straight pipe in the ideal state, the general essence of electromagnetic flow measurement according to the most stable, but because of the flowmeter in the liquid contains the volume of gas inside the pipeline, so the status no doubt there is a big measurement error. When the electrode is higher than the level of the electrode, the electrode exposed in air, actual measuring circuit in open state, the electrode can't direct contact with the liquid, and output value in the condition of random. Kept shaking or full, electrodes cannot work normally, the measurement cannot be performed. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement data is not accurate, not only so for electrode also can produce damage. How to determine the this kind of situation, we suggest that can use bubble discriminant method. At this point to pointer multimeter measuring electrode resistance. Can be found that the electrode of loop current limit significantly higher. If the water contrast. Domestic multimeter to multiply Ik range measurement. The lateral resistance is not greater than 100000 ohms is greater than this value, can determine the electrode circuits is unusual, on the premise of exclusion of cable is open circuit. Determine the atc is credible. If the condition permits, also observed flowmeter back-end liquid discharge outlet. When the discharge of liquid is obviously not full of electromagnetic flowmeter can judge for the installation of a full package. According to our experience to judge, not a full package of sad condition are mostly appear in a fluid flow or meter in the back without any direct discharge outlet of back pressure. Therefore said electromagnetic flowmeter to put an end to a full package state, installation position and installation is particularly important, we need to pay attention to avoid as far as possible when installed in the flow of full package, good installation location is in the lower end of the pipeline installation or intends to install the meter in the u-shaped pipeline level rising part of the pipeline.
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