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Magnetic level gauge components float ball

Magnetic level gauge components float ball

Magnetic level gauge components float ball
  • Magnetic level gauge components float ball
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Magnetic level gauge components float ball
components float ball
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Like the liquid level gauge, the magnetic float also needs to be in contact with the liquid. Since there are many types of liquid media to be measured at the industrial production site, to make the magnetic float work properly, we need to use different materials according to different media liquids.

For example, the materials are stainless steel 304 material, 316L material, PP material, titanium alloy material, PTFE material (tetrafluoroethylene polymer. The English abbreviation is PTFE), plastic floats and so on.


Magnetic float level gauge, titanium alloy and PTFE in the picture, stainless steel 304 material is more general stainless steel, magnetic flap level gauge is also very common, 316L stainless steel, PP Materials and PTFE materials are generally used for medium-sized anti-corrosion and strong anti-corrosion media. Specifically, the user can select the more suitable material type by communicating with the manufacturer of the instrument when selecting the model.



We know that the magnetic flap level gauge can measure the liquid level under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. Here, in addition to the main steel pipe, panel and flange, the high temperature and high pressure resistance also requires that the float must also be resistant to high temperature and high pressure , That is, the thickness and material of the float of the level gauge are different.


The magnetic flap liquid level gauge is a liquid level measuring instrument that works through the principle of magnetic coupling and buoyancy float ball. It can be said that the magnetic flap liquid level gauge can work stably. The key component is the magnetic float in the inner cavity of the measuring tube. As the name implies, the magnetic float is Metal float (floating ball), which has a certain magnetic property and can always be in a floating state in a suitable measurement liquid medium, is the core part of the normal operation of the magnetic flap level gauge.


According to the principle and the above picture, we know that the reason why it is called a magnetic float is because it is magnetic and the other is because of the buoyancy, the liquid level rises, and the buoyancy affects the rise of the float, which is indicated by the magnetic scale. Then the buoyancy of the float of the level gauge is related to the density of the liquid.

The float of liquid level gauge has many kinds of materials, such as PP material, UPVC material, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304 lining PTFE, titanium alloy and so on.

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