Electrode electromagnetic flowmeter and the contact resistance of liquid measuring specific operation method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-11
Measuring electrode contact with the liquid resistance, can be not discharged from the pipe flow sensor and indirect assessment of electrode and lining layer surface conditions generally, help to analysis the cause of the problem. Especially for large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter brings very much convenience to check. This method can estimate the flow sensor measurement of tube surface condition, such as the electrodes and the lining layer of sediment, sediment is the electrical conductivity or insulation properties, electrode surface pollution condition. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode contact with the liquid resistance mainly depends on the electrode measured liquid contact with the liquid surface area and conductivity. General structure of the electrodes in measuring conductivity & 5 times; 10-6 s/cm distilled water resistance of about 350 k & Omega; ; Conductivity & 150 times; 10-6 s/cm's life and industrial water for about 15 k & Omega; ; Conductivity & 1 times; 10-6 s/cm brine is about 200 & Omega; 。 Electrode contact resistance with the liquid available analog multimeter measure respectively when filled with liquid resistance between each terminal electrode and ground. Experience on the surface of measured the difference between the two electrodes of the contact resistance should be less than 10% ~ 20%, otherwise it is faulty. Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor electrode and liquid contact resistance should be in the new instrument debugging good measure and put on record, immediately after every maintenance measure once, after analyzing and comparing these data will help determine instrument the cause of the problem in the future. If the electrodes measured by liquid resistance do not agree with the original measured value comparison, may have the following three different trends: ( 1) Resistance increased; ( 2) Resistance decreases. ( 3) Two electrode contact resistance unbalance value increases ( The difference value increases) ; The three signs, respectively for the following reason: ( 1) Adhered on the surface of the electrode surface and lining conductive deposits; ( 2) Electrode parts have a electrode insulation have larger decline; ( 3) The electrode surface is covered by insulation layer. Although sometimes present the above signs, but has not yet formed fault, the electromagnetic flowmeter malfunction of the precursors can be used as a prediction, forecast for processing. With analogue multimeter measuring electrode welding fluid resistance should be paid attention to the following: ( 1) And two electrode resistance when the grounding end rod must be the same polarity, which USES electric meter measuring poles, the same anode rod electrode, cathode grounding. ( 2) Resistance value should be at the instant of the measuring rod contact terminal read pointer deflection value and measured value should be the first time shall prevail. As to measurement by polarization measurement value is inconsistent. ( 3) To compare the two regular inspection measurements before and after, want to use same type multimeter, and use the same range, commonly used 1. 5 v battery working range of measurement, such as: & times; 1 kΩ Gears. Electrode contact resistance is measured with a multimeter is not correct measuring method of resistance value accurately is to determine the overall value. Accurate measurement must be used as & other; Kohlraush bridge & throughout; Such as communication bridge, bridge or Numbers. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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