Conclusion split type electromagnetic flow meter in use process will encounter problems and solutions of the three

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-21
Split type electromagnetic flowmeter is industrial enterprises as a kind of widely used by users of the flow measurement instrument, because of its measurement does not involve the use of fluid temperature, pressure, density and viscosity of many advantages, such as popular with users. Split type electromagnetic flowmeter installation and debugging, however, than the rest of the flowmeter is complex, and more strict. Between the transmitter and transducer must be used, can't use two different types of instrument. When installing a transmitter, from the installation location of choice to a specific installation and debugging, must be in accordance with the product installation instructions specification operation. In use process, therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the external environment of the adverse factors for split type electromagnetic flowmeter measurement condition. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Department of engineering personnel and sums up the three points for attention for everyone, hope and friends of the user attention: * at first, the power problem. Due to split type electromagnetic flowmeter to external power supply, outdoor installation is not convenient, also limit the use of split type electromagnetic flowmeter pipe network in the suburbs. In addition, don't bring the power split type electromagnetic flowmeter, once electricity, will cause data loss is used as the settlement of a water meter flowmeter, such measurement and calculation of the blackout period lack water also puts forward a new problem, usually to discuss water supply enterprises and users are case handling, increase a lot of work. If the split type electromagnetic flowmeter can bring their own power, can fundamentally solve this problem, will also promote its popularization and application in clearing water meter. And now you can use lithium batteries, solved the problem, 2 o 'clock lightning protection. Whether settlement meter or regional split type electromagnetic flowmeter, in rural areas of relatively empty, especially in the thunderstorm weather cover larger area of guangdong, split type lightning protection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a more serious test. After strict well grounding, power protection, installation of split type electromagnetic flowmeter in open ground the probability of being struck by lightning or high. So simple and effective way is to improve the lightning protection performance of flow meter itself, such as can not fundamentally solve, separation should be made for the internal circuit protection, even if the lightning damage, so also can reduce the replacement cost of the third point, signal transmission problems. Split type electromagnetic flowmeter for regional network can provide urban water supply scheduling with certain decision-making information, so we hope both for the user and settlement and regional network flow of the electromagnetic signal is continuous in real time. Currently split type electromagnetic flowmeter require additional development or choose other data transmission system in water supply enterprises, to achieve real-time monitoring of data. This not only increase the cost of investment, but also increase the difficulty of the operation and management aspects. If can split type electromagnetic flowmeter in the instrument itself to accomplish the automatic conversion of the signal and wireless transmission, reduce the compatible data acquisition and transformation, it will provide convenience for use of the enterprise, also will increase for the split type electromagnetic flowmeter greater advantage. Overall split type electromagnetic flowmeter measurement of high precision, high sensitivity, good stability, upturned metrology is appear more and more widely in water supply of the trend, especially in the factory, large area such as diameter, installation environment a better place, split type electromagnetic flowmeter installation and use of the technology already quite mature. Embellish of instrument science and technology as a * * is engaged in research and development of electromagnetic flowmeter separate production enterprise, the split type electromagnetic flowmeter provided the product style, performance, customers can need according to oneself to choose. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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