Clip type ultrasonic flowmeter in the application of water treatment plants and related case

by:KAIDI     2021-01-29
Clip type ultrasonic flowmeter with other types of traffic measurement instrument does not have many good characteristics, and then large Numbers and arithmetic and correction technical enterprising, its merchandise accurate measurement features are experiences a rapid development, especially in the manufacturing of power plant a lot of use, this paper is in the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter its accurate measurement in combination with the actual is not the same as the basic concept and perspective of classification, characteristics and the basis of outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter are the disadvantages to carry out a more detailed analysis, according to the instance of flow measurement in hydropower station were analyzed practical activities between east and west clip-on a successful application of the ultrasonic flowmeter. The basic principle of precise measurement, outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter description 1. 2 outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter basic concepts in the fluid mechanics, liquid fluid mechanics of the operation speed of ultrasound propagation intermediate storage must be associated, compared with fixed plane coordinates, ultrasound spread far in the downstream transmission in the back. In order to facilitate accurate measurement of total flow rate, the first must in advance to prepare to launch an ultrasound of the ultrasonic probe ( The earthquake) , often can choose calcite made into certain components such as components as the ultrasonic probe flowmeter, which can at the time that the ultrasound launch in adequate application of negative pressure electric high frequency electric spark forces prompted held steady piezoelectric crystals of high frequency vibration, thus must have single pulse ultrasound launch utility. Ultrasound to from the Angle of must launch into the fluid mechanics in the spread, then under the effect of ultrasonic wave can change instrument to keep efficiency of ultrasound data signals to accept, in addition, ultrasound can change meter again after phase will have to transform high frequency electro discharge data signal success. Stated from the analysis to understand the same ultrasonic in meter wheel as a sex can successful launch of the application of different kinds of single pulse pressure wave, can keep together to accept. Open clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter are able to carry out classification are given from several perspectives: a will in accordance with the basic concepts to the clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is divided into time difference method, the acoustic method, phase difference method, the method, walter street method and doppler method, etc. ; Second, according to the ultrasonic probe installation method to clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is divided into external tied type and its plug-in, plug-in and are able to carry out difference according to have precise measurement pipeline; Three is based on total cold said to outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is divided into multichannel and mono two kinds; Four is in accordance with the characteristics of ultrasound features can clip into handheld, portable type ultrasonic flowmeter, basic type and its ultra-low temperature moisture, etc. 1. 2 outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle & emsp;   Can know from the above analysis, there are different types of outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, here mainly to the time difference and doppler measurement principle of measurement of the two methods in detail.     Method of time difference measuring principle is shown in figure 1, the method of time difference measurement under the general condition is measured by using sound waves to measure fluid transmission, and through the different propagation velocity and flow direction of fluid characteristics to measure them in different speed difference between the values, so as to measure the flow of the fluid flow and the corresponding speed.     Doppler method basic principle of ultrasonic wave in the measurement of fluid flow in practice is shown in figure 2, which is in the practice of the ultrasonic wave in fluid flow measurement of doppler effect difference related to the measurement of the corresponding frequency, because the main is to use a certain fixed sound source as the corresponding generator, as the relative motion of the sound source fluid and a certain movement before, prompting the object into the reflection of ultrasound and ultrasound receivers to receive. To emit ultrasonic ultrasonic wave and the frequency difference between them is the motion object generated by the doppler frequency shift, and the difference of doppler frequency measurement, and presents some direct proportion relationship between fluid flow, so you can if you can find out difference of doppler frequency, you can get corresponding fluid velocity and fluid flow accordingly.
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