Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter device adjustment and application of the chemical industry

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-19
Product after the arrival of the goods, the user should first check the packaging quality of products. Packing should be intact, mark should be clear. If seriously damaged packaging, storage and transportation departments should be timely find problems and responsibility, and notify the company. If there is no quality problem, the packing can be removed from inside the box. May, when necessary, a simple test external form; Install the float chamber flange from the very beginning. Pay attention to the packing and uniform. Plug the flange. With the connecting flange mouth water slowly into the float chamber. Sensitive level indicator should be directed, not jump. Normal appearance. Indicator if the indicator is to track the instructions, the floating ball can be alternate magnetic steel to absorb, to make it float. Deputy positions within the inspcetion coupling ( The float indicator) Or magnets attract indicator from bottom to top, make its common sense is right. Anticorrosion device for liquid level transmitter appearance on the device should be installed in the flange joint surface seal, then appearance with a bolt is fixed on the users of the flange. Appearance device on the pressure vessel pressure test in accordance with relevant regulations, fortune with the container by 1. 25 times the operation pressure of hydrostatic test and 1. 5 times the operating pressure of air tightness test, admitted no leakage rear can put into use. ( Pay attention to when the test pressure to surpass 1. 25 times appearance operation pressure should be float out from the float chamber, after waiting for hydrostatic test qualified, then float into the float chamber is not greater than 1. 5 times the appearance of work pressure tightness test) 。 Appearance functioning, and then open the valve slowly open the valve, make the medium into the float chamber, slowly to prevent liquid level rise too fast formation appeared indicator cannot track or damage to the float. With liquid level transmitter ( Far eastone electrical signal) The emergence of anti-corrosion chemical liquid level meter, need to use the spare magnets to attract float chamber the movement of the maglev, simulation of the liquid level changes, to test the operation of the liquid level transmitter is normal. Explosion-proof appearance not only to detect the working state parameters of transmitter, to inspect the probe of explosion-proof function ( Such as the strength of the flameproof shell, coating, sealing, etc. ) 。 Top mounted anti-corrosion chemical liquid level gauge of the device should be equipped with first floating cue components, manual mobile float to simulate liquid level change, indicator should be able to run normally. When install the external devices, float the components through the outer flange hole piercing the first buoy, the magnets on the float rod N pole ( Sealing surface) Oriented indicator, plate and shell parts long after add seal added components. After the long end of the flange face alignment, two flange connection. High temperature and high pressure type anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter: a. According to the assembly drawing, installation of the whole machine: a small flange insulation gasket, reserve M12 bolts, nuts and washers. Copper pipe should be installed in the specified location, connectors should be tightened, in case of leakage. b。 When devices are installed on the appearance, install the seal on the flange surface, and then use bolt to fix the appearance on the user device interface reserved flange. c。 After completion of surface device, open the valve of surface pressure. Pay attention to the slow charge! After waiting for containers and external cavity pressure, temperature stability, the appearance of qualified after put into use. Anti-corrosion chemical liquid level gauge and gauge change output value table: a, connected with the liquid level of the liquid level switch and gauge, and according to the switching device of gauge and the size of the switch switch switch, to gauge the size of the switch and switch switch make the corresponding adjustment, and the size of the switch of the switch and switch make corresponding adjustment. Corrosion appearance is zero measured according to the actual direction of the indicator. Anticorrosion appearance of low mechanical strength, such as PVC should be outside the device equipped with metal stents, to ensure the safety in operation. Should also pay attention to the uniform fastening flange screws, uneven in order to avoid damage. Flameproof liquidometer flameproof level transfer part of the liquid level meter, Electrical part) Working principle: by using magnetic float on reed switch to change the number of the resistor is connected to the circuit, thus, the sensor can produce some corresponding to the resistance of the signal level change. After signal converter, the signal can be converted into 4 - resistance 20 ma current signal. The level of electronic components almost no energy storage element, such as capacitor and inductor. Function is stable. Explosion-proof box has good sealing function. Level gauge transducer output terminals 1 and 2, among them: 1 as the cathode, 2 for the positive. Wire connection from the first and second end, wire connected to the other secondary level meter. Attention should be paid to the positive and negative connection! The Ann model of liquid level meter liquid level sensor ( Electrical part) Working principle is to use inspcetion on magnetic spring switch, magnetic spring switch off cause circuit resistance value changes ( The number of precision resistor is connected to the system changes) So that it can produce sensor components. The resistance of the signal corresponding to the liquid level changes. Through the signal converter, signal can be converted into 4 - resistance 20 ma current signal. Liquid level meter in the electronic components almost no capacitor, inductor, and other energy storage element. Function is stable. Level gauge transducer outputs for 1, 2, 1 side is negative, two side is positive. Wires from the one end and both ends of wires connected to the safe zone security fence. Note is negative when connection!
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