A variety of flow meter data on comparative advantages and disadvantages

by:KAIDI     2021-01-28
Katie instrument equipment factory production summarized experience for many years, more than 60 flow meter, each product has its specific applicability, also has its limitation. According to the measured object is divided into a closed tube and two kinds of open channel; According to the purpose and can be divided into the total measurement and flow measurement, the instrument called total table and flow meter, respectively. In addition, according to the measuring principle can be divided into the following categories: mechanics principle: belong to such instrument have using Bernoulli's theorem of the principle of differential pressure type, the rotor type; Using the theorem of momentum impulse type, movable type; Using the Newton's second law directly quality type; Using the fluid momentum principle target type; Using the angular momentum theorem of the turbine; The use of fluid oscillation of the principle of spiral type, vortex street type; Using total static pressure difference of pitot tube type and displacement and weir, slot, and so on. Electrical theory: for such instrument of the principle of electromagnetic, differential capacitive, inductive, strain resistance type, etc. Acoustic type ( Shock wave type) And so on. Thermal principle: by using the theory of thermal measuring flow with heat type, direct calorimeter, indirect calorimetry, etc. Optical principle: laser type, such as photoelectric instrument belongs to such a principle. Other principle: marked principle ( Tracer principle, the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance) , the related principle, etc. In this paper, according to the current the most popular and the most extensive classification respectively to illustrate the principle, characteristics and application of various flowmeter and play in that situation at home and abroad:
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