Why vortex flowmeter with temperature gas steam pressure compensation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-09
To get know why gas steam flowmeter with temperature compensation, * to clarify first temperature pressure compensation is what concept. Temperature pressure compensation: the data of temperature, pressure compensation usually refers to the instrument measurement is 25 degrees in the temperature, pressure for a standard atmospheric pressure condition, the result of the measurement field of temperature and pressure and standard difference, so the general instrument can measure the temperature and pressure, and then by calculating formula for automatic measurements. For measuring gas measurement, as accurate as far as possible, and process conditions in a constantly changing, namely the temperature and pressure of the gas being measured in changing the cause of gas density is also changing, if you don't compensate the temperature, pressure, measuring gas flow is not accurate, so will be measured when measuring the temperature and pressure of the gas is introduced into the flow measurement system, the system through conversion to compensate, which makes measuring results accurate as far as possible. Generally speaking, the vast majority of the liquid does not need to compensate, the density of liquid and gas, steam, some will change along with the change of temperature, pressure, then to compensate. In many gas steam flowmeter in gas vortex flowmeter is more accurate and economical flow meter, 304 ( 316 l) The material has a variety of installation. Vortex flowmeters need temperature pressure compensation, to see whether the actual need, little deviation or request is not high, if conditions don't have to compensate the temperature pressure. If you need accurate measurement, you need to compensate. Compensation generally adopts the pressure, temperature sensors, on-site installation will be pressure, temperature, flow rate is calculated to get the data uploaded to the PLC flow condition. Commonly used, such as air flow measurement meter is the current volume flow under temperature and pressure, but when the volume of air must be its quality are greatly influenced by temperature and pressure, calculation formula is: PV = NRT = & gt; M = MPV/RT ideal gas state equation, in which R is constant, about 8. 314J/( 摩尔· K) ; P for gas pressure, the unit Pa; M is the molecular weight of the material ( Or the average molecular weight of the mix) ; V as the gas volume, unit m3; T for the system temperature, K. In order to approximate calculation, temperature as room temperature 20 ℃ ( 293K) The approximate ideal gas. Air quality m = 29 g/mol× 101325Pa× 1m³ ÷ 8. 314J/( 摩尔· K) ÷ 293. 15 k = 1205。 63克= 1。 2 kg can be seen from the formula of the relationship between air quality and temperature and pressure is very big, so the meter to measure the scene when the temperature and pressure and then automatically compensate. With specific measurement depends on the specific media: 1, the measuring gas, need to temperature and pressure compensation at the same time; Gases are generally in a standard volume flow and settlement. Because the volume of a gas flow temperature or pressure, flow rate will change. Need 2, measuring, superheated steam temperature and pressure compensation at the same time; Generally settled by mass flow of steam. Because the temperature and pressure have any change, the density of steam will change, mass flow rate change. 3, measurement of saturated steam, need the single temperature compensation or the pressure compensation. The density of saturated steam with temperature or pressure has a fixed corresponding relation ( Saturated vapor density table) Know any of them, can determine the density of saturated steam. 4, measure the liquid, generally do not need to pressure compensation, under 5 mpa, the temperature effect is considered, needed for accurate measurement of temperature compensation. General measure, you can not use any compensation; Measuring some hydrocarbons ( Such as crude oil) , generally need to temperature and pressure compensation at the same time. Advantages of temperature, pressure compensation gas steam vortex street flowmeter is as follows: 1, the big advantage is ant-vibration performance is very good, no zero drift, high reliability. 2, sensors, versatility is very strong, so that the sensor has good compatibility with nc machine's sensor table body and spiral body, etc. , to ensure the machining accuracy, so that the parts ( Especially the spiral body) Strong commonality, thus truly will not affect by parts replacement repeatability and precision of the sensor; Can produce a strong and stable vortex signal. 3, in a certain range of Reynolds number, flow characteristic from the fluid pressure, the influence of the temperature, viscosity, density, composition, is only involved in the body shape and size of the vortex. 4, output is proportional to the flow of the pulse signal or analog signal, no zero drift, high precision, convenient and computer connected to the Internet. 5, simple structure, no moving parts, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance. 6, detecting element, not contact with the media, stable performance and long service life, sensor detection probe with spiral body separate installation, and high temperature piezoelectric crystal seal in detecting probe, not contact with the measured medium, so vortex flowmeter has the characteristics of simple structure, high universality and high stability. 7, wide measuring range, range than can reach 1:10. 8, measure the volume flow without compensation, when the vortex of the output signal is actually with a linear relationship with velocity, namely is proportional to the volume flow. The purpose of the pressure and temperature compensation is to get the fluid density, multiply by volume flow to mass flow, if the measurement of the volume of a gas flow would be no need for compensation.
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