What kind of installation method can effectively improve the turbine flowmeter measurement accuracy

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-08
The role of the turbine flowmeter is similar to V cone flowmeter ( Orifice meter) , it is a kind of precision of flow measuring instrument, as its name implies, it is the main use of turbine to measure, it will flow into the turbine speed, then the speed change and the flow rate is proportional to the electrical signals. Embellish instrument science and technology in production for many years engaged in turbine flowmeter, a supplier of * * of turbine flowmeter, for good installation method is used to effectively improve the precision of the turbine flowmeter has the mature methods of control. In order to help the masses of users in the process of installation errors or incorrect installation, don't embellish instrument science and technology in the engineering and technical personnel specially edited article, hope for you is to choose and use of turbine flowmeter friends help. Turbine flowmeter to measure the accuracy of the method to improve the overall principle is as follows: the installation of the turbine flowmeter is a great influence on the measurement accuracy, therefore in the process of installing want to install strict requirements to operation, so as not to cause the error of the accuracy affect the quality of work. In industrial measurement, general requirements turbine flowmeter upstream 20 d, 5 d downstream straight pipe length, so as to ensure the realization of accuracy. At the same time, mounted at the upstream end rectifier, to eliminate the velocity distribution and secondary flow problem, so the accuracy of the measurement accuracy can reach a calibration level. Flow meter should be installed upstream necessary gets over, for easy vaporization of liquid, the downstream must ensure that the back pressure. So as not to let the air or steam into the meter, to ensure that the liquid flow meter is single phase. Good in front of the flow meter installed filters, filter funnel type can be used, to ensure its cleanliness, measurable its differential pressure at the ends of the change. In order to ensure the turbine flowmeter measurement accurate, must correctly choose the installation position of installation position and method are correct and the method includes the following content, 1, turbine flowmeter requirement for straight pipe: meter level must be installed on the pipeline ( Tilted pipe within 50) Axis, installation flowmeter should be concentric to the pipe axis, flow direction should be consistent. Flowmeter upstream pipe length should be not less than 2 d straight pipe section, if the installation site allows advice straight pipe upstream to downstream of 20 d, 5 d. 2, turbine flowmeter for piping requirements: flowmeter the inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping of the installation points and the flow meter diameter is the same. 3, turbine flowmeter to by-pass pipe requirements: in order to ensure not affect the normal use of medium maintenance flow, the flow meter should be installed to cut off the valve in the pipeline before and after ( Globe valve) The by-pass pipe shall be set up, and at the same time. Flow control valve to be installed downstream of the flow meter, flowmeter upstream of the valve must be fully open when using, avoid the upper part of the produced fluid unsteady flow phenomena. 4, turbine flowmeter, the requirement of external environment: good flow meter installed in the indoor, must be installed in the outdoor, be sure to use prevent bask in, prevent the rain. Lightning protection measures, so as not to affect the service life. 5, turbine flowmeter in the medium containing impurities requirements: in order to guarantee the life of the flowmeter, filters should be installed at flow meters in front of the straight pipe. 6, the turbine flowmeter installation place: meter should be installed in the convenience of maintenance, no strong electromagnetic interference and thermal radiation room 7, the turbine flowmeter for welding requirements: the user to match a pair of standard flange welding on the pipe before and after. Not allowed to take meter welding! Before install flowmeter should strictly eliminate dirt such as welding slag in the pipeline, works such as the diameter of the pipe ( Or the by-pass pipe) Instead of flowmeter for venting pipe. In order to ensure that in use process flow meter from being damaged. Install the flow time, the sealing gasket between the flange cannot be sunken into the pipe. 8, turbine flowmeter grounding requirements: flowmeter should be reliable grounding, not common ground with high voltage systems. 9, turbine flowmeter to the requirement of explosion-proof products: for the instrument safety normal use, should check whether the use environment of explosion-proof type flowmeter with stipulations in explosion-proof user demands, and the installation process, should strictly abide by the national explosion-proof products use requirement and users shall not change the connecting way of explosion protection system itself, not to open the instrument. Need to pay attention to other aspects include: the selection within the prescribed flow range, prevent overspeed, to ensure the desired accuracy and ensure the normal service life. Should clean up the pipe before installation flowmeter clutter: fragments, welding slag, stones, dust and other recommend installed upstream in 5 micron mesh filter is used to block the droplets and the grains of sand. Flowmeter of commissioning should slowly open valve before first, when after open the valve and prevent the instantaneous flow and damage to the turbine. Add lubricant should be according to the sign, the number of refueling depends on temperament clean degree, usually 2 - every year 3 times. Due to pressure test, purging pipes or exhaust turbine overdrive, and turbine operation will damage may make flowmeter in the reverse flow. Not allowed to open the former meter run time. Back cover, change the internal related parameters, otherwise will affect the normal operation of the meter. Mounting pad carefully and make sure there are no outstanding content into the pipeline, in order to prevent interference with the normal flow measurement. When flowmeter calibration to collect pressure on the flow meter to take pressure. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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