What is the reliability of the instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-27
Modern scientific research and industrial production depends on all kinds of instruments and meters, it is the human in the process of scientific experiments and production into the automatic detection and automatic control of one of the key technical tool. However, as the production of complicated collaboration and degree of correlation, structure and function of the instrument meter will be more and more complex. According to the law of industrial production, the product structure and function of shu is complex, with the decrease of the reliability is also, but for instruments and meters, not only requires the instrument to prolong service life, in the process of its operation reliability must also be guaranteed. Reliability was studied for the instruments and meters, therefore, it is necessary, just please follow Katie instrument equipment factory let me know & hellip; … What is the reliability of the instrument reliability expression at present there are many types of academia, but can be classified into the two as a representative: first, the reliability refers to the parts ( Or system) Within the prescribed period of time, the possibility of provisions, under the condition of complete function. Second, reliability refers to the & other; System, the function of the machine, spare parts, etc. Throughout the stability & on time; 。 Actually, no matter what kind of expression, summed up the reliability of the four elements: 1, research object is the object of study include system, machine, spare parts and so on. It can be very complex products, also can be a simple parts. Such as an automatic control system including the electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic flowmeter, magnetic level gauge turning all sorts of control and instrumentation, such as a whole set of equipment of collaborative work. 2 function function refers to the expected function components, systems, i. e. it should realize the use of purpose. Features, such as light bulbs lighting function, car running function, etc. If the object in actual use, can't realize the function, is called the research object of failure or function failure, the opposite is called object is reliable, can work normally. 3 provisions conditions including environmental conditions, maintenance, the terms and conditions of use. Environmental conditions, such as environmental temperature, humidity, vibration, lubrication conditions, etc. ; Can maintenance condition, such as maintenance, maintenance condition, the user's technical level, etc. ; Conditions of use, such as using the method, frequency, etc. Object if the overload operation, misuse, improper operation or deliberate destruction also produces the object functions such as fault, so the study compared the reliability must be specified conditions. 4 time prescribed time refers to the work object, or economic life ( 英语教学) Can be expressed with time, with the object of different USES, such as frequency, cycle, distance etc. Rolling bearing deadlines, for example, in time, work schedule with the mileage of the vehicle, the service life of gear with stress cycles. The reliability of the evaluation scale is 1, the reliability of the evaluation index to evaluate mechanical parts, machine, the reliability of the system and so on, the making and quantitative measure of reliability. 2, the reliability of the instrument measures mainly include: reliability, failure rate, average life expectancy, maintenance, effective and important degrees, etc. 3, the reliability of the instrument measure has the following characteristics: ( 1) Reliability dimension with multiple indexes. In different occasions and different situations, different indicators available to the reliability of the system. ( 2) The randomness of reliability measure. The object of study within the prescribed period of time to keep the reliability of the normal function is random, probability method is commonly used in quantitative measurement. ( 3) Reliability has a quantitative representation of the timeliness, namely quantitative index number is a function of time. Introduction to measure 1, the reliability of instrument is mainly composed of element, line, its after achieving reliability can improve control efficiency of the production system and safeguard industrial production reached the standard of rules. And reliability is the main standard of industrial choice instruments, different types of instruments have the characteristics of reliability, reliability is higher, the better the function of the instrument. The reliability of the instrument is one of the important indicators of evaluation of its quality and reliability when expressed in probability called the reliability, is within the prescribed time and under the conditions of use, trouble-free operation functions of probability. 2, failure rate, failure rate refers to the parts, products, systems work to t in unit time after time fault probability, it reflects the object of study in either the change trend of the instantaneous failure probability. ( 1) Early failure period: system work when the failure rate is higher at the beginning, but along with the growth of the working time is on the decline. Usually defects due to design, manufacture, process or inspection such as the cause, it can be through the screening, inspection, such as intensifying test method. ( 2) Random failure period: system failure rate is low and on the numerical fundamental constant, the fault is in a state of completely unpredictable. Component or system failure is caused by accidental reasons, this period is the normal work of the component or system, so we always hope that the low failure rate and long duration.
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