Ultrasonic liquid level gauge when installation should pay attention to matters and to measure the impact of mixing and bubble

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-11
Ultrasonic level meter measuring water level principle: ultrasonic level meter can in part using the piezoelectric ceramics as ultrasonic pulse transmitters and receivers, when on both ends of piezoelectric ceramics with a certain voltage, the piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic pulse excitation vibration, then the ultrasonic transducer to receive state analysis of ultrasonic pulse echo received. * need to monitor whether receive first issued by the ultrasonic pulse echo, if it is, is testing the acoustic travel time, and then by the processing unit is converted into a distance and time level, again by the output unit of output. Ultrasonic liquid level meter, high frequency pulse waves made by transducer, in the measured surface is reflected, back to echo the same receivers, converted to electrical signals. Pulse of time between the sending and receiving is proportional to the transducer to the surface of the object distance, the acoustic transmission distance of S and the relationship between the sound velocity C and transmission time T can be expressed in formula: S = C Ⅹ T / 2. When installing ultrasonic liquid level gauge of ultrasonic level meter blind area problem must be considered. When the liquid level into the blind area, ultrasonic transducer will not be able to measure liquid level, so in determining the range of ultrasonic level meter, must set aside 50 cm allowance, when installation, transmitter probe must be higher than that of high level 50 cm long. In order to ensure accurate monitoring of the liquid level and ensure the safety of ultrasonic level meter. In be used actually, because thoughtless when installation, level gauge was flooded, cause damage to 1) completely level gauge Instrument installation height, the range should be less than the choose and buy the instrument. 2) The distance transducer emitting surface to zui high level ( The blind area) Blind area, choose and buy should be greater than the instrument. 3) The launch of transducer surface should be keep in parallel with the liquid surface. 4) Transducer installation location should avoid as far as possible at the inlet and outlet of the below liquid level, such as the location of the volatility. 5) If the wall or the tank wall is not smooth, 1 meter must be away from the wall or tank wall. 0 m above. 6) Itself, though with a lightning protection device, instrument in dore zui fortunately when using instrument by adding special lightning protection devices into the outlet end of the other. 7) In special hot and cold places, namely the ambient temperature may be beyond the instrument work demands, zui to instrument with high and low temperature resistance around the device. The influence of mixing and bubbles of ultrasonic level meter 1. Stirring effect on ultrasonic level meter: the containers are often stirring, liquid fluctuation is bigger, affect the ultrasonic level meter measuring; This kind of circumstance can properly reduce the speed of agitator, or at the center of the probe from stirring; Also can install the static tube, thus effectively eliminate for blender mixing the impact of the level measurement. 2. Bubble effect on ultrasonic level meter: with ultrasonic level meter to measure the liquid level in the process, often encounter the interference of bubbles. Foam according to the attributes can be divided into: dry, wet, neutral, four kinds of heavy. Wet bubble and dry foam can be reflected ultrasonic wave, so can not influence the ultrasonic level meter to measure; Neutral foam will absorb and diffuse part of the ultrasound, which will weaken the ultrasonic reflection, lead to echo instability. So when the surface of the medium to thick and thick foam, ultrasonic liquid level gauge measurement error will be larger, even you can't measure.
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