Strong wave conditions of ultrasonic level meter measuring liquid level phrase causes analysed

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-22
Ultrasonic liquid level meter, as a new kind of non-contact level measurement instrument, almost unlimited measured medium, can be widely used in all kinds of liquid and solid material height measurement. Has the maintenance workload small, convenient installation, debugging, can be realized easily in the control room and field debugging. But also have the need to pay attention to when install and use, here introduce a typical case, to illustrate the importance of ultrasonic level meter installation and the installation location. In August, I units of the technical personnel to a user units to provide technical services, customer units have a sewage pumping station, using our four one-piece ultrasonic liquid level meter. 4 pump of the measuring results are quite accurate, but once the water pump after open water, resulting in a decline in water levels, ultrasonic level meter can measure less than the change of liquid level, only wait for the pump stop, ultrasonic level meter will change, can measure the liquid level data. When I arrived at the scene of the company's technicians, then let the customer open water pump, and then see the described in the same situation with customers. The scene is a 155 kw water pump for pumping. In front of the water pump is a cement cover plate of the pool, in the water channel open floor slab with a ultrasonic liquid level meter. The entire range is 7. 5 meters, ultrasonic level meter is 10 meters range. For field level measurement is the Yellow River HHYX ultrasonic liquid level meter, at the scene, hear the pump start-up, voice is very large, and there are water mist coming from a crack in the probe around, like waterfall impact of fog. Before the pump start-up, the echo signal on the ultrasonic liquid level meter is very clear, signal also is very strong, the pump start, voice heard rumbling beneath the water, when the water wave is more and more big, there are water spray out, found on the ultrasonic liquid level meter of water level is almost no reflection signals. In this way, ultrasonic level meter kept until 5. 06 - 5. 10 meters, when the pump stop working, ultrasonic level meter on the water level in the reflected signal appeared, and then to show the measured value of the right level. According to site conditions and measuring principle of ultrasonic liquid level meter, my company's technical staff to analysis, judgement is due to the ultrasonic measuring water level, is the ultrasonic probe launched out, reflected back to the surface again, probe to receive the surface reflection echo, to judge the level of high and low. In this field, because the location of the ultrasonic level meter installed near the water pump is too, 155 kw water pump pumping, produce huge vortex, eddies and waves. Ultrasonic ultrasonic level meter to launch out, all be attenuation, you can't get a reflection echo, ultrasonic level meter has been a constant water level in water pump start-up time. So, find out the reason and solution for the corresponding also has, the solution of the specific measures are as follows: * * way is to change the ultrasonic level meter a installation location, to avoid the pump produce the huge whirlpool and waves. If there is no way to avoid, then choose a larger range of ultrasonic level meter to measure, such as: use a 20 meters range of ultrasonic level meter to measure, because power increased, be able to measure the reflected signals under the waves. For different production environment and the specific operating conditions, the technician is asked to able to be good at from the phenomenon of nature, from the characteristics of the instrument itself and technical parameters as consideration, find out the real reason, solve practical problems for the user. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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