Static pressure type level gauge and other automation instrument in maltitol production process automatic control system design

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-02
。 pic1 { 浮:左; 保证金:10 px; 边界:1 px固体33 # f; } Maltitol because of its high nutritional value, sweet sweetness that only 90% of sucrose sweetness, gentle flavor, not by most microbes use, do not produce acid in the mouth, can effectively prevent dental caries. With the improvement of people's standards required for a healthy diet, its special physiological function and special use more and more get the favour of people. Maltitol is maltose by hydrogenation reduction for a disaccharides alcohol, is one of the types of starch sugar, belong to multiple sugar alcohols, and erythritol, sugar alcohol, sorbitol, mannitol, etc all belong to product of functional sweeteners. Described in this article the maltitol with DCS control system application in the production of maltitol, realized the automation of production process, improve the level of the production technology, has brought considerable benefits for the enterprise. Maltitol production in the process of saccharification, liquefaction, decoloring, away from the pay, evaporation, hydrogenation, crystallization process, such as the pressure, temperature, liquid level, vacuum degree, traffic and other physical quantities as the control parameter, to use a variety of automated measuring instrument, such as static pressure type level gauge, liquid level transmitter, all kinds of flow meter, pressure transmitter, etc. , through automation instrument and DCS control system composed of maltitol various control points during the production of a large control system. Design of the system is designed according to specific production workshop of a set of automatic control production line, in a variety of automated measuring equipment and automatic control unit interaction, to achieve the production process can be automated production, by the operators in each process by setting the corresponding implementation meets the needs of production parameters adjustment of each control loop. The control system through the actual operation, improve the accuracy of the production parameters, greatly shorten the production time, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, to play an extremely important role in the growth of economic benefits. Maltitol production process automation is the trend of The Times development, a high degree of automatic production line for the benefit of the company ascend a new step, enables companies in the economic competition is so fierce today has the very strong strength. 1, test and change of process variables to send 1. 1 temperature detecting and transmitting temperature is common in the process of industrial production, one of the basic parameters. From the measurement of body contact with the measured medium or not, has a contact temperature test non-contact temperature measurement. Contact temperature measurement using the principle of thermal equilibrium. Contactless temperature measurement by accepting a radiant heat from the measured medium to measure temperature. Commonly used with thermocouple and thermal resistance. 1. 2 pressure, flow, liquid level detection and send 1. 2. 1 pressure measurement. Because in the modern industrial production process of the measurement of pressure range is very wide, measurement accuracy requirement and conditions vary, according to its working principle is different, can be divided into the following four categories: pressure gauge elastic type, liquid column type, electric type, piston. 1. 2. 2 flow measurement. A lot of flow measurement methods, according to its working principle can be divided into: volumetric flowmeter, speed meter, mass flowmeter. 1. 2. 3 liquid level measurement. Liquid level means on the surface of the liquid in a sealed container or open container. That is commonly used in industrial production is static pressure type level gauge, the capacitance level meter. Transducer is mainly used for measuring the liquid, gas or steam pressure, differential pressure, flow, liquid level and other process parameters, and convert it into standard unified signal DC4 - 20 ma current output, in order to realize automatic detection and automatic control. 2 maltitol each production working procedure design of the control system of automatic 2. 1 maltitol production processes maltitol production process can be divided into two parts, the first * part will be the city of starch hydrolysis high malt syrup, the second part is made of high malt syrup made maltitol hydrogenation reduction. The whole process is as follows: starch size & rarr; PH adjustment & rarr; Saccharification & rarr; A plate and frame decoloring & rarr; An ion exchange & rarr; Liquefaction & rarr; Evaporation & rarr; Hydrogenation & rarr; Secondary decoloring & rarr; Secondary ion exchange & rarr; Evaporation & rarr; Chromatographic separation & rarr; → Extract evaporation & rarr; Crystal & rarr; Ion exchange & rarr; Baking & rarr; Packaging & rarr; The finished product & rarr; → Residual liquid & rarr; Filtering ( From pay) → Evaporation & rarr; Mother liquor tank ( Storage) → Outside to sell alcohol solution 2. 2 automatic regulating system main instrument and equipment: temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level automatic adjustment mainly through digital adjustment of instrument and DCS control system to automatically adjust, DCS control system adopts the Shanghai xinhua DCS control system. The main instrument equipment is as follows: single flange intelligent liquid level transmitter, WZP - platinum thermal resistance Enzyme 231, acid-base metering pump, metering pump, PH meter, conductivity meter, PH recorder and conductivity data recorder, electric control valve, the integration of electromagnetic flow meter, pressure transmitter, color paperless recorder ( With sound and light alarm system with universal analog input, alarm output, and Ethernet interface) , electromagnetic flow meter, electric contact pressure gauge, switch, relay, tee electric control valves, pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves, converter, electric single-seat regulating valve, explosion-proof type pressure transmitter, WZP - platinum thermal resistance 240, intelligent self-tuning PID adjust instrument, digital display, double beam 8-way acousto-optic alarm module, electric actuators, etc. 2. 3 maltitol production each working procedure of the design of the automatic control system for each working procedure all has the corresponding of the design of the automatic control system, the design of the automatic control system and the main instrument equipment stated below.
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