Several measures pressure transmitter instrument antifreezing in winter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-31
Shandong kaidi automatic remind you about the winter heat preservation pressure transmitter instrument anti-freezing measures as follows in the winter, when the measured medium by measuring the pipeline for a transmitter, often appear to freeze occurs, when the environment temperature is too low, the phenomenon such as coagulation, precipitation crystallization, used by environmental temperature is too low and is beyond the normal working temperature range, directly affect the instrument shows that the accuracy of measurement. So we must to pipeline anti-freezing processing, instrument and meter need thermal insulation main objects are installed in the instrument insulation in the transmitter, the buoy type liquid level transmitter or other form of outdoor installation of water transmitting unit, pressure, differential pressure, flow rate instrument, such as the detection of pipeline and measuring line. Through the selection or other ways to avoid such accidents. Measures usually have: selection, heat preservation heat tracing, maintenance ( Point inspection, sewage) And so on. One, the selection of measures with insulation device type instrument. According to the category of the instrument use and installation location, proposed the instrument insulation antifreeze requirements, submit again with manufacturer to deal with. North in some places day and night temperature difference is too big, can arrive at night - More than 20 degrees, if be considered in selection of the ratio of considerable uneconomical. And select heat preservation heat tracing, maintenance ( Point inspection, sewage) Method is the antifreeze solution * *. 2 with insulation heat preservation, heat preservation measures, with thermal insulation material will be the part of the instrument easy frozen or afraid of frozen wrapped up. Winter comes to check, often drainage, packing heat preservation material against breakage. 3, 1, steam heating heating measures measures which use pipe steam heating insulation. Winter heating to check before send steam steam heat pipe was clear or blocked. * * steam is 24 hours, don't be too hot, sometimes according to the weather temperature changes to adjust for the steam heat preservation rate, in order to prevent the temperature is too high to make transmitter led condensate vaporization pressure tube transmitter work or because of the low temperature transmitter led tube condensing surface frozen influence work flow transmitter. 2, insulation protection measures, a thermal insulation box, electric heating tube by three parts, such as enclosure, heater, instrument bracket, the structure form and protection case is the same, the difference is in the box is equipped with electric heating device, the structure as shown in figure, electric heating device is composed of electric heat pipe, temperature controller, body side with socket, when switched on, the heat in the oven to the required temperature, then by the temperature controller connected to the power supply continues to heat up. Through repeated work to keep the temperature in the cabinet can be within a certain range. The constant temperature heater main parameters: (1), rated voltage 200 v. 50 hz 2, 300 ~ 500 w (3) rated power, user can set (4), constant temperature control temperature heater can also be made explosion-proof type [5], there are three kinds of electric heat pipe material: brass, carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe. B, steam pipe thermal insulation box, with heat pipe is made from metal tube S type structure. Casing wear plate and welding type joint and heat pipe welding and become, with heat pipe installed on the box as the top down out, through steam within the lumen of the heating cycle to achieve. With heat pipe materials generally fall into two kinds, namely copper pipe, seamless steel pipe ( Carbon steel) 。 C, as the key instrument box to add a layer of heat preservation cotton, at the gate of the incubator and in and out of the pipe mouth add glue sealing, can achieve better instrumentation system insulation antifreeze effect. 3, electric heating zone
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