Selection of oil tank level gauge and magnetic flap liquid level meter installed in the oil tank measurement considerations

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-08
Tank is terminal, oil wharf, oil refinery and petrochemical enterprises generally need storage devices, the tank liquid medium ( Petrochemical products) Mainly measure the liquid level, temperature, density and pressure ( With pressure tank) To calculate the reservoir parameters, such as the volume and weight of reserves. Tank generally divided into two categories, trade cans and tundish, trade type of tank liquid level, temperature, density, volume, quality must be regularly monitoring and measurement and the accuracy is very high. Middle class tank is usually only the liquid level, temperature and pressure, With pressure tank) Monitoring parameters, such as to prevent oil tank roof caving, measured time accident does not need to transfer. For different sizes and types of oil tank liquid level meter used in the performance characteristics of different also therefore according to the user's actual situation and investment requirements reasonable choose the level of performance in order to achieve reasonable prices. The function of the level gauge has clear instructions given and remote control etc. So they are widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, Marine, military and other industries of all kinds of tajikistan, cans, and the spherical liquid level indicator on the container. Currently in use in the design of the oil storage tank of liquid level measurement more popular using magnetic level gauge, turning steel belt type level gauge or floating ball, buoys, radar level gauge, etc. Buoy, ball float liquid level gauge installation, maintenance, more troublesome. But although radar level meter of high precision and cost is high, and the differential pressure type level gauge is widely used in boiler steam drum airtight container but the measurement of liquid level is not really so in the design of oil tank level measurement used very little. Two measurement methods used in tank level gauge of: 1, the direct measurement: artificial measurement method is to use measurement tools directly measured level does not require any conversion. Such as petrochemical storage and transportation system with the artificial oil feet, float steel belt type direct reading gauge ( Like to read the optical table a table scale value) Magnetic level gauge, magnetic flap liquid level gauge and so on. But this kind of measurement method is intuitive, high reliability, simple to use and low cost but human reading error is bigger also. Now in the majority of petrochemical enterprise manual gauging is still the main method of liquid level measurement, control and often as the main reference of other instrument calibration. The precise level of the oil storage tank is not actually very important users to understand the actual is not level but by measuring the liquid level to get to know the actual number of oil in the tank, The tonnage) To prevent overflow. Analyses the differential pressure method is adopted to measure the liquid level ( The actual tonnage) Also can yet be regarded as is a good choice. 2, indirect measurement method: indirect measurement using the sensor to measure liquid level related signal after reuse of electricity by converting the measured liquid level meter. Tank no. For example, a certain oil depot is using differential pressure type liquid level meter is to measure the pressure difference between the liquid generated at different heights and then using the computer level is obtained by the density conversion, such as temperature compensation value. Again such as optic liquid level meter is using the principle of photoelectric information from connected to float tank float code strip level coding information and then through the second table translated into liquid level value. This measurement method is more complex high cost, great error in the system but can greatly reduce the labor intensity effectively and timely to avoid overflow tank safety accidents such as easy to implement automation management tank area. Magnetic flap magnetic flap tank level gauge tank liquid level meter liquid level gauge sometimes has a meter so to users when installation should pay attention to the following items: 1, should make remote meter close to the level led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; 2, form a complete set of far eastone induction for led tube close to the instrument; 3, remote meter should be zero and zero level gauge instructions at the same level; 4, far eastone matching between the instrument and display instrument or industrial attachment good wear protection pipe laying alone or in combination with block 2 core cable laying; Line 5, junction box into the hole after laying, which requires good seal to avoid moisture such as rain and make remote meter cannot work normally after the completion of the junction box in maintenance or commissioning should be covered in a timely manner.
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