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Scope of pressure transducer in industry

by:KAIDI     2021-02-10
Pressure transmitter, this is a common instrument in industrial pressure measuring instrument, the most within the scope of application is also more widely. So we do not understand the pressure transmitter users, here I come right away a detailed introduce for everybody. Oil/petrochemical/chemical industry: with the throttle device, provides flow measurement and control, can measure the pressure of pipeline and storage tank and liquid level. Electric power, city gas, other companies, high stability and high precision measurement etc. Used in chemical liquid, corrosion resistance, such as demand. Iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, used for chamber pressure measurement requirements such as high stability, high precision measurement etc, in strict control (compact type pressure transducer is used to Temperature, humidity, etc. ) Requirements under the condition of stable measurement. In strict control, Temperature, humidity, etc. ) High accuracy requirements under the condition of stable measurement.
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