Science and technology, ultrasonic flowmeter and add a new chapter in practical application

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-24
On August 20, 2014, 26 by technology supply ultrasonic flowmeter, by shaanxi oil and gas company formally put into use, according to experts from the flow meter parameter, repeatability and stability of online real flow verification, 26 the ultrasonic flowmeter with the testing data can satisfy the requirements of national ultrasonic flowmeter verification regulation. The ultrasonic flowmeter output data accurate, instrument operation stability, the site operation personnel and verification experts to high praise, this is the technology of ultrasonic flowmeter embellish another technological breakthrough in the practical application. 26 provided by the leap in science and technology of the gas ultrasonic flowmeter online real flow test made in oil and gas collection of oil and gas company take the lead in shaanxi area of * * application of gas ultrasonic flowmeter online verification of gas extraction factory, as a result of this measurement technology, the company's oil and gas detection and measurement greatly reduce the workload, but also ensures the accuracy of the measurement results, for the next large-scale measurement transformation, a wide range of flow meter calibration online work accumulated valuable experience. Collection and transport of oil and gas practice in our country, and long distance pipeline engineering is a very difficult subject, often because the conventional orifice flow meter in high pressure, large flow metering these aspects, is limited by the structure of the product itself and shows its limitations, the conditions of use, using range and the pipeline conditions demanding, there will be a process than low, large pressure loss, low accuracy, verification is not convenient. Aiming at these deficiencies, in the subsidiaries of shaanxi oil and gas group company promote the use of ultrasonic flow meter, accurate measurement, stable operation, the effect is very good, to increase the productivity of the company play an important role. According to the company data in field application, the conclusion, that is: gas ultrasonic flowmeter has no moving parts, no wear, no loss of pressure, no leakage, the characteristics of a super fault self-diagnosis ability, work stable performance and high measuring accuracy, can meet different user requirements. At the same time, because of its easy installation and maintenance, high measuring accuracy, low comprehensive cost compared to other conventional natural gas metering equipment, in the field measurement with high use and popularization value.
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