Quality and service, is the root of the liquid level transmitter obtains the customer trust

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-13
Quality and service, is the root of the liquid level transmitter obtains the customer trust, liquid level transmitter market development in China has become more stable, in addition to the financial crisis in 2009 to market demand, in recent years has maintained 10% the speed of the sustainable development. Although in the case of macroeconomic policy tightening regulation, in 2011 is still the continuation of the liquid level transmitter market 13 2010. 3% of the rotary growth momentum, the overall performance achieved 9% growth. Looking to the future, with international and domestic economic situation become clear, the liquid level transmitter market will continue to optimistic development trend, is expected to 2012 - Growth will remain above 8% in 2015. ( 2) Technology type and application of liquid level transmitter industry is more dispersed, the process features of different industries, types of level measurement equipment technology requirements are different, in addition to the differential pressure type level gauge is widely used in most industries, many technical types of liquid level transmitter is often suitable for certain special industries. Such as in recent years the rapid growth of radar is mainly used in petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical, chemical, electricity and other basic industries; Ultrasonic is mainly used in various industries in water supply and water treatment; Magnetostriction and magnetic flap is used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industry chain. In 2011, influenced by national macroeconomic policy tightening regulation, metallurgy, building materials, electric power industry the application of liquid level transmitter size decreased, the rest of the industry scale has the growth. ( 3) Market competition and development trend of liquid level transmitter products application field widely, many varieties, each type of product has many enterprises to participate in the competition, the industry has not been absolutely dominant enterprises. General speaking, the first kind is large or small and medium-sized foreign-funded enterprises, they are usually has a long history, high brand awareness, advanced technology, but the product price is relatively high, occupy the market high-end products; The second type is a joint venture, most of them are formed in the our country enterprise technology import period, used to rely on foreign technology combined with local production cost advantages for development, but in recent years because of lack of follow-up r&d and poor cooperation and so on reasons to decline; The third kind is the local companies, mainly small and medium-sized private enterprises, companies such as the largest number, different stage of development, some are still at the initial stage of low technology, low price, others with foreign manufacturers in product distribution, technology import, including cooperation on the basis of insist on digestion, absorption, the introduction of technology, independent innovation, new technology, at the same time, make full use of their own familiar with the local market advantage, is growing. To sum up, the domestic liquid level transmitter in the high-end market is mainly occupied by foreign brand products, domestic brand product is given priority to with low-end market, but domestic technological progress faster, with foreign products of the gap is narrowing, a small amount of research and development of enterprise technology level has reached the international advanced level. On short-term market competition pattern, the liquid level transmitter market would smooth development of our country, the basic pattern of market segmentation will not have too big change, some high-tech products mainly rely on foreign products, also recently due to the international big companies have expanded into China, so the competition will be more intense. Foreign big companies will set up its own sales network as soon as possible, reducing agent level to direct users to a lower price to get the product, and get a better after-sales service, at the same time, it will be more in the domestic assembly or production parts in order to reduce costs. Domestic companies are taking advantage in China's rapid economic development in recent years, faced with good opportunities for the development of the industry, believe that will mature and domestic electrical appliances, telecommunications, and other industry development, through strengthening technical updates and market development, gradually increase the market share and improve the grade of products, and win in the competition, become a backbone enterprise of our country's liquid level transmitter. The liquid level transmitter of industry in China started late, the sixties factory is a professional fluid shift delivering, because domestic demand is not prosperous, development, scale is small, the technology behind; Since the mid - eighty - s, with the improvement of the economic development of China and the degree of automation, the need for liquid level transmitter on the variety and quantity has increased dramatically. When liquid level transmitter manufacturers abroad on and begin to enter the Chinese market, China's domestic companies also began to way to improve their ability through the introduction of foreign technology; After ninety s, the automation of domestic large new projects are basically in line with international standards, so the product's reliability, stability and accuracy requirements are higher. The liquid level transmitter manufacturers to provide quality products and the requirements and improve after-sales service! So now the liquid level transmitter industry market, quality and service is the root of the liquid level transmitter obtains the customer trust.
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