Orifice flowmeter measurement is accurate

by:KAIDI     2021-01-27
Orifice meter ( The throttle device) Sometimes there is a big error in the measurement, the cause of bigger error is? Explain the orifice meter below give you cause large error. 1. Eccentric orifice plate on the basis of GB2624 - 81 rules, the orifice of orifice flowmeter measurement shall be the straight section of the throttle device. Eccentric orifice of measurement error within 2% usually, aperture ratio & beta; The higher the value, the greater the eccentricity influence, don't use short of standard orifice plate. 2. Orifice plate bending orifice flowmeter measurement because of improper installation or repair. A zigzag orifice attacks or deformation, cause the flow measurement precision is poor. On the orifice flange take pressure test, orifice plate bending the biggest mistake is about 3. 5%. 3. Orifice plate edges sharp degree of orifice plate imported wear no sharp edge or corrosion and gap, or orifice pipe inner weld or measuring flange gaskets, will make the actual flow coefficient increases and the differential pressure is reduced, the calculation of the volume is small. Orifice flowmeter measurement due to the influence the orifice meter measuring precision is the root cause of the throttle device geometry and flow dynamic is deviation from the standard design. Therefore in the process of using it is necessary to do regular check, protect the assignments, for practical use conditions such as pressure, temperature, flow rate of the change of the parameters, should be timely corrective measures. Can be used in practical use compensation of flow computer integrating scheme, all of them, and to reduce the error in measurement, to ensure measurement accuracy.
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