One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter using the special test

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-04
One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of precision of flow measuring device, its measuring accuracy and stability is closely related to the use of early selection not only, still in the process of using and follow-up maintenance and maintenance. Flowmeter and maintenance and maintenance work also to have certain specifications, relevant methods and skills need to operating personnel, mastering the so-called: first line will be beneficial to implement & gaiety and other , only to master the standard operation method, we can in the setting of using and maintenance with ease, so that the instrument work is always in a stable state, to maintain the continuity of production is very good. Here for friends for one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter in use process, maintenance of one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter to briefly go over what special detection: * first, one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter for flow meter for measuring the electrode contact resistance measuring electrode liquid contact resistance, can need not unloaded flow sensor indirectly appraise juice electrodes and the lining layer surface conditions, to help analyze the cause of the problem. This method is very convenient for inspection of large diameter one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter. Through for measuring resistance value, can calculate the flow sensor tube surface condition such as the electrodes and the lining layer of sediments, sedimentary sufficient conductivity also sufficient insulation properties, electrode surface pollution condition. Electrodes to measure the ground resistance compared with the original measurements have the following different trends: ( 1) Two electrode resistance unbalance value increases ( The difference value increases) ,( 2) Resistance increases, 3) Resistance decreases. The three signs can respectively determine the following might be the cause of the problem 1) Electrode parts have a electrode insulation by a larger decline, ( 2) Electrode surface insulation cover, ( 3) Adhered on the surface of the electrode surface and lining conductive deposits. Above, several kinds of failure probability can be as forecast malfunction of precursors. When using a multimeter to measure pay attention to the following points: ( 1) Resistance value should be at the instant of the measuring rod contact terminal read pointer slants big value, measured value should be the first time shall prevail. As to measurement by polarization measurement values sufficient inconsistent; ( 2) And two electrode resistance when the grounding end rod must be the same polarity, and play with - meter A measuring stick, the anode rod electrode, anode rod earthing. ( 3) Measure to use the same model multimeter, and use the same range, commonly used 1. 5 v battery working range of measurement, such as: & times; LKN file. Second, the flow meter of electrode polarization voltage measured between the electrode and the liquid will help to judge whether the fault of the unstable zero or output shaking caused by electrode is covered by pollution or. With 2 v dc digital multimeter, respectively measure the polarization between the two electrodes and ground voltage ( Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter can not power, power measurement) 。 If two measured values closer to nearly equal, the electrode not contaminated or overwritten, electrode contaminated or otherwise be overwritten. Polarization voltage size depends on the electrode materials & quot; Electrode potential & quot; And the properties of the liquid measurements may be between a few mV to a few hundred mV. Because, in fact, in the operation of the two electrodes contamination situation can't be exactly the same symmetry, then the voltage on the electrode formed asymmetric common-mode voltage. Asymmetry of the common-mode voltage becomes differential mode signal, zero offset. Third, determination of flowmeter signal cable interference degree of signal cable from electrostatic induction and electromagnetic interference can make plug-in one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter zero change. To determine whether changes in zero due to the effect of electric potential signal cable interference, to determine interference range and extent of plug-in one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter. Fourth, the determination of flow meter whether there is a ground potential one-piece electromagnetic flow meter in normal use process, such as sensors electricity (near Force) Machine status changes ( Such as leakage) , grounding potential changes caused by zero change. Check whether have the influence, the converter can be work terminal short circuit, grounding C terminal and protection of G to zero ( Or instruction value) Changes in judgment for ground potential. Fifth, measurement of pipeline stray current flow to the discriminant sometimes for pipelines stray interference sources in the flow sensor also in downstream, upstream to narrow your search, try to reduce or eliminate stray current interference effects. And pipeline electrical insulation jumper wires and grounding line upstream and downstream from the flow sensor of A and B two points, respectively connected to the ammeter. In A point measured current for 60 maac, point B current is zero, upstream of interference sources in the flow sensor. Electromagnetic flow sensor electrode contact resistance should be immediately after the new instrument debugging good, measure and record, every maintenance measure once, after analyzing and comparing these data will help determine instrument the cause of the problem in the future. Electrode contact with the liquid resistance mainly depends on the electrode measured liquid contact with the liquid surface area and conductivity. General structure of the electrodes in measuring conductivity & 5 times; 10 - 6 s/cm distilled water resistance of 350 k ~ Q, conductivity & 150 times; 10 - 6 s/cm's life and industrial water for about 15 ko, conductivity & 1 times; 10 - 2 s/cm brine is about 200 n. When using a multimeter in a liquid measured the resistance between each terminal electrode and ground, experience shows that the contact resistance between the difference should be less than 10% - 20%, otherwise it is faulty. Electrode contact resistance is measured with a multimeter lack correct measuring method of resistance value accurately is to determine the overall value. Accurate measurement must use the bridge, such as & quot; Kohlraush bridge & quot; And so on. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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