Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in major projects the superdeep oil and gas field development project achievement project drive magnetic flap level gauge for the future development

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-13
Continue to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction policy of the country, the traditional coal for energy companies to gradually replaced by more efficient and clean energy, including natural gas, renewable energy, wind energy and solar energy, etc. In recent years, along with the ascension of gas drilling technology, previously limited to the influence of environmental factors such as geographic location is becoming a hot spot of competing exploration area, tarim basin in China and the world of super deep oil and gas exploration will treasure the field, really have the team earlier in the clastic rock reservoir developed a batch of high yield and large gas fields. On September 26th, 14 research institutes of joint application & other; Ultra deep natural gas field development & throughout; Project project, the project dominated by tarim field. In the face of tarim oilfield reservoir buried depth is deeper cause the problem of low capacity, conventional technology reform effect is not ideal, can't satisfy the efficient development goals. Tarim oil field at the same time of constantly trying to innovation, absorbing the fracturing technology, * * technical challenges of conquering the oilfield development, the development of sand fracturing techniques, the reservoir. It is understood that after the completion of the project on schedule will be developed in the mountain area of complex institutions, such as seismic acquisition processing and integration technology, gas production will also significantly increase to more than three times. The oil and gas field development project, for those interested in the regional development of instrument production enterprise, is also a good news, you know, a project area the size of the exploitation of oil and gas formation, to process such as industrial automation instrument brings a huge procurement requirements, including the production of electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, such as flow meter, magnetic level gauge, pressure transmitter, and other products, turning will directly lead to the development of industrial instrumentation. Ultra deep natural gas field development will impact on China's natural gas market, far-reaching influence. For a long time, oil and gas field exploitation is the development of great significance, in addition to the tarim basin, the edge location of the kuqa foreland basin is one of the important oil and gas basin in western China, the current mining, after a lot of practice has made important discoveries, large gas field has been discovered in the formation, promote the construction of the national west-east gas project. For the domestic economic development and the future of energy conservation and emissions reduction made a contribution.
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