Maintenance of pipeline pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-01
As a kind of long-distance pipeline, oil pipeline pressure data is one of the important parameters of ensure the normal operation of pipeline. And completes the pressure transmitter maintenance, is to ensure that the pressure pipeline system pressure data transmission and display is normal. In this paper, the pressure transmitter maintenance and how to use the efficient and reliable method to ensure the stability of the pipeline pressure data in detail. A, pressure transmitter, regular checks to do a good job of maintenance of pressure transmitter, at the top of the regular checks on work is the pressure transmitter. 1. 1 pressure transmitter test environmental conditions should be regular verification of pressure transmitter, need to make sure that conform to the requirements of the actual test environment conditions. Under normal circumstances, the pressure transmitter verification when the environment temperature is 20 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃, the temperature changes within a certain time can't more than 1 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled in the range of 45% ~ 75%; Mechanical vibration, moreover, the factors influencing the pressure transmitter output stable can't appear in the test environment; Not only that, the dc power supply pressure transmitter, the power supply voltage change does not exceed the rating & plusmn; 1‰ 。 1. 2 pressure transmitter calibration equipment calibration pressure transmitter, would need the support of the corresponding test instruments and equipment to complete. Here, we need first to understand U95 this concept. U95, refers to the expanded uncertainty of the confidence level of 95%. Complete sets of standard used in the test of pressure transmitter, allowing the error absolute value of a quarter is the expanded uncertainty were pressure transmitter U95 maximum allowed; On level 0. 1 s and 0 s. From this level of pressure transmitter, 1/3 of the permissible error absolute value is, the expanded uncertainty were pressure transmitter U95 maximum allowed. 1. 3 verification steps of pressure transmitter has the support of test instruments and meters, carrying out the pressure test work with ease many. Below, we detail to illustrate the verification steps of pressure transmitter. First of all, close the valve, blocking the guide tube into gas transmitter; Then use explosion-proof adjustable wrench unscrew pressure pipe thread, will turn down pressure pipe and the pressure gauge, pressure pump into a gas path; In the case of ensure calibration circuit in good condition, and check for electricity when confirmed. Then, average pressure transmitter measuring range can be divided into five equal parts in the transmitter last time plus 1 - the basis of the minimum value The average of the four, and five standard; And then use to increase pressure on pump, at various points on the pressure gauge reads pressure signal measured values; Finally, in the numerical pressure transducer measurement range of 105% for 2 minutes, and then gradually reduce the pressure until the measurement range of the minimum pressure transmitter, read all standard points corresponding to the measured values. To determine whether a pressure transmitter can correctly display the pressure value, whether is by calculating the basic error within the prescribed scope of permissible error. Second, the daily maintenance of pressure transmitter make regular checks of pressure transmitter, under normal circumstances, pressure transmitter can be normal in the normal operation of the pipeline SCADA system. And do the daily maintenance of pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter can longer, more efficient, more reliable running. To do well the daily maintenance of pipeline pressure transmitter, said a week need tester values with and without exception, whether value within the prescribed scope; Monthly check, instrument and process interface, guide tube and the valve between the presence of leakage, corrosion, inspection instrument heat preservation heat tracing, prevent freezing spacer, condensation and evaporation; Every six months, check the accuracy of the instrument zero and display values, guarantee the transducer zero and display values are accurate and true. In addition, but also on transmitter periodic blowdown, condensation or empty; Guide of easily blocked medium pressure pipe purging on a regular basis; Transmitter at run time, the shell must be well grounded. Transducer is used to protect system, should have measures to prevent power outages, output short circuit or open circuit. Three pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, common troubleshooting of fault handling, is an important part to another part of the maintenance of pressure transmitter. Common fault of pressure transmitter, including pressure meter readings are not allowed to be transmitter, the transmitter output current is zero, no response to changes in pressure transmitter, etc. Here, for the cause of the common faults and processing methods in detail. Pressure transmitter of the meter reading, usually occurs due to drift. The solution is to check the test equipment is in accordance with the requirements, testing calibration, inspection measuring pressure transmitter is correct calculation is correct. Power supply wrong or lost electricity, easy to cause a transmitter output current is zero. Appeared the fault, check whether the signal terminal is connected to the power supply, check whether the polarity of the power cord, check whether the terminal voltage at 10. 5 to 42. 4 V DC, check the surge protector and safety barrier between fault whether in the fault state. No response to pressure change in the transmitter, the failure reason is often overloaded pressure of pipeline jam, and transmitter is not in the normal mode. To solve this failure, we need to check whether test equipment malfunction, check pressure pipe or valve group congestion, inspection whether the pressure between 4 20 mA mA and set point and check whether the output in the alarm state.
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