Magnetic level gauge with turning that need special attention in the process of eight problems and solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-03
Magnetic level gauge is a kind of turning can be used in high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food and beverage and other production situation, not only can be used as a liquid level of the local display, convenient for staff to read the liquid level in a timely manner, after adding the corresponding remote devices can also be measured signal remote transmission, display and control is a at present in the field of industrial production using a wide range, one of the liquid level meter to use special files. In magnetic flap liquid level meter in use process will appear all sorts of different problems caused by the instrument use fault can't even use, there are many causes of these faults, according to embellish instrument in production sales staff and the summary of a large number of cases in the field of communication with customers, and related use information feedback, now I write this article explain the magnetic flap level of eight points, especially need to close please pay attention to the user. 1, magnetic level gauge calibration is normal, after putting-in-service proactively find float at a particular location in a period of time & other Absorb & throughout; Phenomenon. This is mainly the level through the steel platform installation, with steel plate too close. Therefore, through the steel platform installation need to pay special attention to the level of pipe wall and platform cutting line spacing. According to the experience of the field use, the distance here as early as 100 ㎜ can guarantee affect magnetic float do not. 2, field calibration float up and down occasionally found in flexible enough. This is mostly due to improper installation, attention should be paid to the center of the upper and lower flange is in a line, whether with horizontal vertical. In general, and the horizontal Angle of not less than 87 degrees, if the deviation is bigger, may impact the float move smoothly. 3, if the scene caused by transportation or other reasons instructions with sealed glass tube rupture, usable domestic glass tube replaced. But good to vacuum. Also note that the glass tube is vertical, lest affect indicator's instructions. 4, magnetic level gauge putting-in-service proactively turning after a period of time, a float to float and float move is not flexible. This is largely because of magnetic float was matted with iron filings or other contaminants. Can be emptying medium first, and then remove the float, eliminate some iron filings on magnetic float or other contaminants. 5, level gauge field putting-in-service proactively, to pay special attention to should be opened the upper gate, after open the lower gate valve. This is due to the bottom of the magnetic float level gauge communicating pipe is equipped with protection float the thrust of spring, otherwise, the role of big differential pressure may bump broken float liquid level gauge can't use. 6, level meter, especially pay attention to when using, don't use strong magnet pull float up and down outside the pipe inspection, otherwise it will cause the magnetization of the magnetic float but change polarity, make even float magnetic abate, so difficult to work properly. 7, liquid level meter in use process, if the output signal frequency disturbance or interference pulse, and check whether the signal cable shielding layer and reliable grounding, work is whether resistance can meet the requirements. If still not completely eliminate, usable signal isolator to solve. 8, when choosing the Ann type liquid level meter, especially pay attention to the level gauge and safety grid impedance match. Because of the level meter power supply voltage of 14. 5 - 36 VDC, less than 14 of general transmitter. 5 - 45 VDC, so can't work normally when the load is bigger. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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