Magnetic level gauge used in the process of turning the cause of the float suddenly sank and the selection of anticorrosive materials

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-05
Embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In the production of magnetic flap liquid level meter because of its simple structure, intuitive, and easy maintenance, durable on the market has been popular with users, it is according to the principle of magnetic coupling, using the Archimedes ( Buoyancy law) Ingeniously combining the principle of mechanical drive and developed according to the features of a special device for level measurement; Very suitable for measuring the cans, pool, tower, such as spherical container level. According to the customer's feedback information, sometimes after buying magnetic level gauge turning at work found that when magnetic flap level gauge installed on the tank, liquid level up, can not corresponding measurement of liquid level, then close the valve to check a look, always float sink. Suddenly sink, in fact, the reason is very simple, friends in the process of inspection, need to pay attention to the following two aspects. We know: float is one of the magnetic flap is an important part of the liquid level meter, float is a magnetic, display board has a level, that float is magnetic, this can be ruled out. * point first, float always sinking, the reason may be the density values provide inaccurate parameter. We speak of magnetic float level gauge turning measuring principle is to use the principle of buoyancy, according to the medium density made a small float liquid level can float up, can with liquid level rise, the float will rise. 2 o 'clock, the float should be stuck to the illusion of a sinking. The above two cases, generally is not going to happen, * the happening of the first kind of circumstance is often in the modelling of producer and customer link, communication appeared deviation, lead to provide prophase data are not allowed to environmental conditions, two kinds of circumstances are often produced during the production of the product. At the time of production, under the flap of the inner and outer diameter of the stainless steel pipe diameter is greater than the float, and float outside diameter is according to the density of the medium, the medium pressure. Now general lining huaian embellish instrument production with the magnetic level gauge are turning 57 mm diameter tube, if you have more parameters, can also be a greater demand. So the basic won't appear the above two cases. Magnetic flap the level of measurement, not only suitable for aqueous medium for corrosive acid and alkali solution can also provide the perfect solution, but because of the need to corrosion, so the lining materials of contact medium will need to make appropriate adjustments according to the measured medium. Side mounted lining type magnetic level gauge (turning PTFE) Suitable for corrosive medium and high working temperature and liquid level measurement, it adopted the new technology of stainless steel lining ptfe stretch flanging, reliable structure and long service life. Is the preferred choice of hydrofluoric acid and the corrosive medium level measurement. Anti-corrosion type magnetic flap liquidometer led tube catheter, flange, the flange, flange, two pieces of two side nipple, nipple catheter and two side all with ptfe lining, connecting flange and pipe welding way, ptfe lining layer directly from the catheter flanging the connecting flange, flange and side taper sealing between nipple, the Angle of the taper seal for 30 to 60 & deg; 。 As a result of chosen ptfe material for lining and direct connection between the flange and pipe connection, so as to make it easier to magnetic double column and sensor installation on the catheter, implements the anti-corrosion magnetic level gauge measurement without blind area, turning and excellent anticorrosion performance can be measured any kinds of strong corrosive medium such as acid and alkali salt; Manufacturing cost compared to the sharp decline. Display panel device, including the display panels, magnetic double column/plate, guide rail, guide rail groove, the guide slot and panel as a whole, in the guide groove inside concave type guide rail is placed, concave type magnetic double column guide rail in the middle of the installation/piece. Magnetic level gauge turning simple structure, the overall sealing is better, seamless structure, around the sealing area is small, water, corrosive gas, dust, etc. Very not easy to enter inside, the guide rail and color inversion ( Column) Greatly reduce the friction between the inverted flexible or no jam phenomenon, can make the liquid level, according to the normal level gauge is not easy to malfunction, which can achieve reliable accuracy. Joint length can be arbitrary processing according to need, sealing effect reaches ip55 or ip65 rating. The use of fully meet the various external conditions. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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