Magnetic level gauge used for high level tank turning installation technique analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-28
Magnetic flap level gauge as a large amount of storage tank area has been put into use one of the liquid level measuring instrument, have the advantage of its different from other types of instrument in many cases, the magnetic flap liquid level meter has become a measure of liquid tank farm products * *, because its structure is simple, intuitive reading and working stability, wide measuring range, and not from the storage tank height restrictions, coupled with its easy installation, To have a side or top loading) Got the favour of many enterprises. Magnetic flap liquid level meter, also known as magnetic level gauge, magnetic level gauge, double column inspcetion liquid level meter, its working principle is that it is using the magnetic coupling principle, the presence of the magnetic level gauge turning relative to the previous glass tube liquid level meter is an important technological advances, it makes up for the glass tube liquid level meter working under high temperature and high pressure is the shortcoming of easily broken, put an end to the broken because the measuring tube for production operator and the influence of personal injury. Magnetic level gauge turning installation is divided into top mounted and mounted to the side, there will be at the scene of the industrial application of all kinds of storage tank, horizontal tank, underground tanks, tanks, etc. , have high length due to the installation of lack of support top mounted, therefore suggested that not more than five meters high. While the side mounted measuring range may choose at random, 10 meters of tanks are generally no problem. To how to choose a side and top mounted installation, according to the specific requirements of the production site and tanks to the specific conditions of choice, we choose what are magnetic level gauge when turning installation techniques need to be aware of, the following yes summary: top mounted magnetic plate gauge problems need attention during installation: top mounted magnetic level gauge with turning tanks is the connection part of the general matching DN80 or DN100 flange connection, how to feel being not enough can be equipped with a bigger specification according to actual condition of connecting flange. DN80 and generally DN100 is enough. Top mounted magnetic flap level gauge when installing height at 4 to 5 meters high, is recommended to increase the fixed on both sides, lasso can guarantee that the instrument has a bad measurement environment, such as the vibration is larger, or suffered a collision, sometimes is not damaged. Magnetic flap side mounted level gauge problems requiring attention during installation: magnetic liquid level meter liquid level height and turning technology. Columns such as: measuring up to 10 m high level tank, if choose to do 10 meters long directly magnetic level gauge, turning * first product will be very awkward; Two, inconvenient transportation, so suggest reasonable segmentation processing, so that there would be no technical error ( Blind area) 。 Magnetic level gauge turning advantage is can fission installation. That is to say two or three sections of 10 meters into, use flange connection between each paragraph. So can be easy to transport, cost will be greatly reduced. Users only need to receive the goods after, with ordinary tools between the three sections of flange butt up. As for the corrosion and leakage ways we have also been considered, and analyzing the specific issues of magnetic flap liquid level meter can be installed with electric remote transmission, and standard signal output 4 ~ 20 ma, to match the recording instrument, or industrial control computer connected to the Internet. 10 meters and 10 meters above a bit long, either block or not, suggest to middle or around the flange of each section with fixed clamp or other fixed. When magnetic level gauge turning device, magnetic level gauge must hold to go straight, turning between magnetic level gauge with container tube was turning should be equipped with a ball valve, so that the level of maintenance and apart to clean. Side mounted lining type magnetic level gauge (turning PP) Apply to hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid and other inorganic corrosive liquid measurement. Side mounted lining type magnetic level gauge (turning PTFE) Suitable for corrosive medium and high working temperature and liquid level measurement, selection of new technology of stainless steel lining ptfe stretch flanging, layout, long use life. Is strong corrosive medium such as hydrofluoric acid liquid level measurement of selected. Should be taken before using below zero with calibration of magnetic steel balls into a red, the other into a white ball. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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