Magnetic level gauge turning magnetic switch magnetic disturbance analysis and preventive measures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-26
Magnetic flap the level compared with the traditional liquid level meter, has obvious advantages, has high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing, and other characteristics, can effectively guarantee the quality of detection. Is widely used in liquid level detection work, and has high use value. It was also because of its particularity, there are some problems in use. The working principle of magnetic flap liquid level gauge is magnetic coupling effect, and its switch signal generation and output, and 4 - 20 ma remote signal output is closely related to the electromagnetic, also easily affected by external electromagnetic noise, for example, its application in hydropower station, to test the actual situation of the oil, but as a result of the equipment in operation will produce a certain amount of electromagnetic interference, the magnetic level gauge turning magnetic switch will impact, resulting in wrong operation situation, will seriously influence the quality of detection, so bring safe hidden trouble. So the need for the magnetic flap the level of interference sources were analyzed, and the magnetic switch do preventive measures in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of it. 1, the concept and principle of magnetic of magnetic level gauge turning frame level gauge is mainly used to detect medium level of the situation, it has wide detection range, high resolution, high sealing, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and other characteristics, field has been widely used in various fields, and can effectively guarantee the quality of work. The specific working principle is: the magnetic level gauge turning structure is more complex, in the process of practical application, the main principle of magnetic coupling is adopted and the buoyancy principle in two forms. When it is in normal work, can produce change with the lifting of measured liquid, magnetic magnetic float level gauge internal turning three chang will be floating up and down. At the same time, can make the magnetic steel happen movement within the float, and under the action of magnetic coupling principle, instruction signal transmission to the indicator, make its internal double column change flip, use two colors to distinguish between the movement of the double column, when the double column color from white to red, is medium level in a rising state, when the double column color from red to white, medium level is declining. And through a border of red and white color to determine the level of the actual situation, help the staff to observe. Under the development of science and technology, people began to develop the level gauge control, need to set up inside the magnetic level gauge turning magnetic switch device, it can detect to the actual situation of liquid level. At the same time, can be installed on the magnetic switch sensor and controller, when the liquid level in the abnormal changes, by transmitting signals to send the alarm information. When staff for alarm information, can be controlled in a timely manner, which can effectively guarantee the safety of system operation. 2 Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is analysed interference sources of magnetization of the magnetic switch factors affecting magnetic level gauge magnetic switch turning normal use is more, the influence of the external magnetic field is the main factor. Therefore, this article on hydropower station as an example, on magnetic flap the level of interference sources magnetization of the magnetic switch are analyzed. In order to ensure that the results of the survey, the magnetic switch in the wrong operation of hydropower station fault condition was studied, and found that every time the magnetic switch failure occurs, all the same as the running time of the excitation system. The magnetic flap adjacent level gauge installation position and excitation cable. Can be tentatively judged, when the excitation system in the running state, will produce large amounts of current in the cable, and generate electromagnetic field. Due to the magnetic level gauge with turning adjacent, its magnetic field can affect the operation of the magnetic switch, resulting in the magnetic switch problems such as wrong operation. This judgment, in order to confirm the magnetic switch is installed near the generator, mainly because here can produce strong magnetic field, can accurate analysis of the actual situation. Through the observation data, the magnetic switch is obvious changes have taken place, the wrong operation. Therefore, can be judged, magnetization of the magnetic switch are there will be a phenomenon, mainly because of interference by external magnetic field, under the action of the magnetic field force, make the action happened, thus fault occurs. Because the magnetic switch in near field system, and the cable is used in the dc, will produce the corresponding low frequency magnetic field. Due to the magnetic switch components installed in the spring piece, its material is iron, can appear under the action of magnetic field, the problem such as magnetization, and transform the motion state of the leaf spring. According to the actual situation, although the spring piece of the action, but the actual oil level has not reached the corresponding position, at this time of the magnetic switch belongs to the wrong operation, causing alarm signal distortion. In addition, when the excitation system to stop running, recovery of magnetic switch will not occur. To this, you can use the principle of magnetic hysteresis loop to explain the situation. Magnetization of the magnetic switch will appear problem, because in the operation of the excitation system in generating a large number of low frequency magnetic field, the magnetic field force, under the action of the spring piece appear the phenomenon of magnetization and wrong operation to happen. In time, under the influence of magnetic field on the spring piece put at saturation, even if the excitation system stops running, and no current in the cable, but will still remain some spring leaf magnetic field force, under a certain amount of time needed to complete demagnetization, to restore its normal state. 3 The measures to prevent magnetic level gauge magnetization of the magnetic switch happens turning 3. 1 Reasonable material selection through the above analysis shows that the magnetic level gauge turning magnetization of the magnetic switch happens problem, because the magnetic reed switch within the iron magnetization phenomenon happens, wrong operation to happen.
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