Magnetic level gauge turning conventional classification and basic structure forms

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-28
Magnetic level gauge and inspcetion level gauge, turning the magnetic potentiometer, double column is according to the principle of magnetic coupling, Archimedes ( Buoyancy law) Ingeniously combining the principle of mechanical drive made of the characteristics of a special device for level measurement; Actually use the work principle of liquid level meter has many forms, including here to introduce magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of basic products, other types of products and magnetic susceptibility double color liquid level meter, float level gauge is based on the extension of; Through the combination of different parts, which can realize the detection of liquid level and at the same time we give the level more practical function, such as adding dry reed pipe 4 - far eastone device can output 20 ma standard remote transmission signal, in order to achieve the function of remote monitoring and control; Can increase the high and low alarm signal in order to realize the high and low level alarm and control; Increase the steam jacket or vacuum jacketed, can enhance thermal insulation performance, to adapt to the crystallizable media at low temperature measurement; Increase the lining of anticorrosion materials, in order to achieve the function of the measuring corrosive acid and alkali liquid. In this paper, the classification of magnetic level gauge turning to do an introduction. 'Not', according to the degree of corrosion protection for the magnetic level gauge, anti-corrosion type (turning Corrosion type) According to the special occasions can be divided into: liquid ammonia special magnetic level gauge, liquefied gas special magnetic level gauge, turning turning LPG stations special magnetic flap, sanitation standard liquid level meter, liquid sulfur special magnetic flap liquid level meter, large oil tank type magnetic flap level gauge. More about magnetic flap liquid level gauge and type selection in detail of choose and buy, please click the following link & gt;>>>>>>>>> . Basic level meter gauge measuring element by magnetic float, float with the liquid level changes in the measuring tube and upper and lower float, through the magnetic coupling, drive indicator in red and blue indicator tube flip 180 & deg; 。 Liquid level rises, indicator tube from blue to red. Falls, from red to blue, so as to realize the double color display of liquid level. When the temperature of the medium & ge; 300 ℃, using white and blue indicator tube. Various types inspcetion level gauge shape structure is shown in figure. . Alarm alarm consists of dry reed pipe and explosion-proof junction box, fastening on the outside of sounding pipe. Alarm system driven by magnetic float, the output of the alarm switch signals to secondary instrument, to realize remote level, the lower limit alarm and lighting show. Transmitter transmitter consists of two parts, liquid level sensor and converter. Sensors installed in the Ф 20 several dry reed pipe and resistance of stainless steel tube, fastening on the outside of sounding pipe. Converter consists of electronic modules installed on the sensor terminal box. Sensor through the role of the magnetic coupling magnetic float, to convert the change of liquid level to the size of the resistance, the converter can be converted into 4 ~ 20 ma. Standard DC current signal, and sent to secondary instrument, to realize remote level display/a.
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