Magnetic level gauge transducer turning temperature influence reason and elimination method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-04
Magnetic flap liquid level meter can not only realize the in situ observation of in situ, can also form a complete set according to the requirements of remote signal output component to achieve signal transmitting function. Magnetic level gauge transducer turning temperature affect the amount due to the transmitter by dry reed pipe line and transmitter circuit two parts, dry reed and transducer is composed of electronic components, temperature changes will inevitably affect its working performance, we are in the process of using focuses on two aspects, including dry reed and transducer two parts. Dry reed pipe of the temperature: high temperature resistance impedance change. The output will change too. Because of the dry reed pipe internal dry reed pipe is connected by way of welding. The solder began to melt in over 170 degrees. The temperature inside the article that is to say, the dry reed pipe can not exceed 170 degrees. Article generally use bundled, dry reed pipe is not direct contact with liquid to be tested, only partly and magnetic level gauge tube wall and air contact, turning the temperature generally have very big fall ( A practical example is the environment temperature of 42 degrees, measured liquid temperature of 128 degrees, dry reed pipe of the temperature of 56 degrees) Actual test in 1 ~ 2%, this part of the actual error varies according to the internal resistance temperature characteristic. Transmitter circuit: the influence of ordinary transducer without temperature compensation, the output will sleep changes in temperature. Even if the external connection of dry reed pipe resistance without any change. Due to internal a spontaneous heat effect, transmitter circuit will work also can produce change. The actual test, this part of the temperature error is around 1%. Magnetic flap, then, the temperature of the liquid level gauge transducer influences how to eliminate? Circuit actually measured value. And what we need is a percentile. Is there a way to measure percentile? Through three line measurement can measure the percentile principle. At the same time affected by temperature is small. The principle is similar to the principle of the potentiometer. The location of the potentiometer ends were 0% and 100% respectively, the midpoint tap W in the case of linear potentiometer, the percentage of the voltage and the actual are directly related. By measuring the electric voltage and 0% and 100% can determine the entire range of voltage, measure the voltage of intermediate tap, then calculated the proportion can be concluded that the actual position. In this calculation, there is a premise is that the resistance is linear. In the previous figure a also is to have such a premise. And if the temperature is sending change, all the temperature changes, the temperature of the resistance properties are the same, so, in proportion to the calculation of the time can eliminate the influence of the temperature. Because with the method of direct measurement scale, common transmitter is bad, even if achieved, circuit is more complex, so the transducer to realize with the CPU. Through the CPU, we can know the temperature transmitter circuit parts, can compensate the temperature according to the temperature at the same time. So you can eliminate a large part of temperature effects. Due to adopting digital way at the same time, eliminate some of the previous analog circuits, in a way can eliminate a lot of influence. Installation location and installation method can also be a certain impact. Is mainly due to the improper installation position, the increment of temperature effects. This part may be determined by actual situation, generally simple transmitter circuit part job at lower temperature, at the same time is relatively stable position for, and should not just for the sake of convenient installation installed in the bottom or top. For some very special cases at the same time, can use mechanical structure to change heat, so as to achieve transmitter part away from high temperature. Of course, due to the special industrial field, interference is more, if the CPU transmitter, must ask the guarantee under the condition of complex jamming, the normal work of system can be accurately. ( This paper released by embellish instrument in finishing, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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