Magnetic level gauge standard calibration step three turning points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-28
Magnetic level gauge turning quite popular in the domestic market, especially in many of the tank farm is especially common. But because of numerous manufacturers, each production enterprise products are good and bad are intermingled, the quality of the product difference is bigger. The key technologies involved in the production process of instrument has many, whether the choice of materials, processing technology, detection means can affect the service life of the instrument and measurement accuracy, this paper is going to talk about the magnetic flap level gauge calibration method, want to is using magnetic level gauge products turning friends help. If you want to buy or selection, please enter the magnetic level gauge products and selection page for details of choose and buy: turning cfbywj / 1155. HTML * : first, determine the medium density magnetic flap liquid level gauge is based on the working principle of Archimedes buoyancy principle, so the density of medium is one of the important indicators, magnetic level gauge work turning * to be premise is normal float to float on liquid surface and float can correctly reflect the measured liquid surface height. Medium density can be measured with standard density meter, can also according to the user to provide specific data collect, medium density should be recorded for the record, to ensure that the medium density can accord with the requirement of level gauge instructions. Although theoretically medium density values have impact on the level gauge, but the actual use of liquid level meter of zero and full value can directly adjust potentiometer. Second, determine the reference zero: 1, even to take over the road diameter D is measured with vernier caliper, under the upper tank to determine a standard level of foot points, such as conditional, better able to grind the grooved lest depth gauge swing, and mark; 2, with no pressure on the interior of the tank to manually to the storage tank under the condition of water flooding, when the water level slightly higher than the level gauge feed line stop pouring, magnetic level gauge turning to open the connection method with manual ball valve E and loosen the tanks by school level meter connections between flange F ( Don't get off, but blunt water) Until no surge flow pipe road, the closed E, remove the flange, stay inside the tank liquid smooth open E, then stay in drip state, stability of 1 min ( Through the drain valve drainage when necessary, and improve the detection efficiency) ; 3, magnetic level gauge with steel tape measure from point to surface turning ha, the distance between the actual high h0 = ha - zero empty D / 2, this state level gauge measuring the zero. Third, the level of calibration: 1, mount the flange, closed, continues the tank with water, to frame instruction needs calibration scale level of the main place, after waiting for the water stable measurement, high output current and water level Ii empty hi actual level for: H0 = H0 - hi=ha- D / 2 - 你好; 2, continue to other points of measurement of magnetic flap level gauge until full scale. Fourth, the level of zero and full calibration: in determining the reference zero point at the same time, adjust the zero potentiometer, makes the output telecom number is shown as 4 ma; Full adjustment in the upper limit of standard level, increase full range potentiometer, makes the output electric signal display to 20 ma. Magnetic flap under the liquid level gauge measurement output if there is a deviation, with reference to the method to adjust. The school must need repeat the above steps 3 return measurement.
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