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Magnetic float level meter will take drain valve and vent valve its role

by:KAIDI     2021-02-19
Take inspcetion level gauge nickname magnetic level gauge, turning to take inspcetion liquid level indicator is installed on the side of the tank or above, for marking and manipulate barrels tub liquid level meter, enclosed way can basis must be modified filter valve or valve, accept flange can be made to accept liquid level meter height to width ratio of the liquid level meter gauge display information and manipulation of the dashboard, indicator color with magnetic or with magnetic double column, when the outside of the tube with maglev ball with level gauge rose color piece rotating, liquid level meter ratio can only display information. Can also be used on the tube itself modified magnetic switch or remote intelligent transducer, output power switch data signals or analog input data, can carry out remote control of observation and manipulation. Suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other places, local display information and remote operation. On the belt inspcetion level gauge above usually equipped with a two valve, which is called the top vent valve, pipe liquid empty. Also gauge the tail part of a valve, so that filter valve. These two valves are all standard, but sometimes the vent valve with a pipe joint replacement, able to turn on, twist again. When liquid level gauge is not so good, such as magnetic flap underneath sordid things much, harm to accurately measure, must be repaired, it must be multiple valve shut, then open the filter valve, slow down, sometimes put not neat, due to the oppressed, which valve must open top, and completely clean. But sometimes there are smudges, it must be from the top down in some of oil or water, sometimes lead to purge steam came in. When material accurate measurement is very easy to knock very risk such as material, must be closed drainage, these two valve for repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment has a critical effect, to reasonably reduce the amount of labor in maintenance and convenient and practical, so that the two valve must match full! Take inspcetion level gauge as a basic principle and structure of relativity simple instrument for measuring the liquid level meter, strong in technical development, all sorts of choose new outstanding technical products emerge in endlessly, still a foothold in the sales market, is a key reason, in which bring the inspcetion level gauge installation is convenient, observation of visualization, maintenance is convenient features such as a critical level. Related with inspcetion liquidometer in what the advantage of typicality, accurate measurement process have given in this paper, we introduce more detail for everyone. One, with inspcetion choose seamless tube liquid level gauge tube itself, choose pull hole welding welding hose, internal without scratches. Take inspcetion level gauge installation method can choose top loading and loading, bottom sealing belt inspcetion level gauge itself. Two, take inspcetion level meter using the basic principle of communicating vessels to ensure that the measured between the vessels and the precise measuring pipe shaft at the same level gauge, accurate measurement when the oil level sensor in the tube with the measured liquid level meter is equal transformation, oil level sensor and display information on a board with magnet information in color in the column with magnet effect, make the color column rotation, express aneroid milky white, bright red expressed as a fluid, with more than local display information level gauge values. Third, take inspcetion level gauge to take magnetic oil level sensor for sensing component, and according to the magnetic oil level sensor and display the information in the color column with magnets, magnetic coupling effect, reflect measured liquid level meter and measuring instrument of the page. Four, with inspcetion level gauge and these are called magnetic level gauge, magnetic level gauge, double column inspcetion level gauge, this is a basic principle to carry out the work of the use of magnetic coupling, with inspcetion level gauge can't fill the glass tube liquid level meter under ultrahigh pressure and easy broken several defects in work. Five, on-site display information with inspcetion level gauge with information visualization, conspicuous, wide Angle, structure is compact and effective, reliable, no & other; Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; Conditions, small amount of maintenance, maintenance of inferior advantage, and the marked effect don't have to be another power supply system, even if the supply of energy to produce common faults, liquid level meter observation is not easy to suffer harm, are ideal liquid level meter measuring instrument. Six, with inspcetion level gauge have top and the top two installation methods, no matter what kind of method can bound remote transmission equipment, make the level the information is displayed to incorporate the liquid level meter, and real time monitoring liquid level meter. Tied with inspcetion after level gauge can be called far eastone inspcetion level gauge. Seven, if take inspcetion level gauge equipped with UR type resistor liquid level sensor, or Ub resistor & ndash; Power flow and liquid level transmitter ( Again) Display instrument, it can progress dynamic remote transmission and 4 ~ 20 ma output ( Or 0 ~ 12 ma) Specification data signals, in order to cooperate with each other record dashboard, or industrial control computer to connect to the Internet.
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