Magnetic float level meter to measure volatility and failure in the process of solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-07
Magnetic float level meter, also known as magnetic level gauge, turning is determined by measuring the lumen tube in the magnetic float and the external display of magnetic double column magnetic coupling effect for liquid level display liquid level meter, because the magnetic float in a fluid-filled cavity to move up and down with liquid level in the tube, a magnetic float, direct contact with measuring liquid as a result, the status of the lumen tube in the liquid will directly affect the movement of the float. So using magnetic float level meter unit should pay close attention to measure liquid smudgy, if the measurement display problems * to screening is foul state of lumen tube. Magnetic float level meter internal float in medium, medium impurity, especially the sewage again the position measurement inspcetion will be gradually by the permanent magnet adsorption many stolen goods, gathered around the float, because the float and the measurements of the interior of the cylinder space smaller prevent float in internal swinging, adsorption of stolen goods lead to float up and down when the moving friction increase, when the friction is greater than medium to float float will appear after pure buoyancy jam phenomenon, lead to float can't highly uniform medium activity, make the panel instructions or volatility is not allowed. Deal with the upper fault can use magnetic float level meter after transforming the gate valve with high pressure water or high pressure steam to clean the inspcetion. Operation method is closed inspcetion after take the positive and negative pressure valve, open the drain valve discharge pressure, and then open the upper flush valve through the upper part of high pressure water or steam cleaning of internal float on the stolen goods can be rinsed repeatedly several times, and then put into use to observe float activity. Do this benefit is not remove a sealing flange at the bottom of the magnetic float, can reduce maintenance time and the replacement of the gasket, the disadvantage is that if many can not thoroughly clean float on the adsorption of stolen goods. If by the above method not only can remove the bottom flange float manual washing, cleaning after the replacement of sealing gasket. Panel instructions are not allowed to, and many times of magnetic float level meter direction normal and panel float of the activity level is wrong, this is common color displays into discontinuous change, such as there is no level of which the panel instructions are part of the red, or a part of the liquid level indicate the white. Reasons for this phenomenon is the inspcetion up much too late to reverse the external panel magnetic column inspcetion will move in the past, the failure occurs when the liquid level severe changes substantially or instrument maintenance, blowdown. There is a kind of situation because of the distance between the magnetic column change, causing friction is bigger, the magnetic coupling of magnetic column and inspcetion cannot overcome the friction caused by the magnetic column can't flip, or magnetic column magnetic weak magnetic column not reverse it. Deal with these failure can use external magnet along the magnetic display an error column from top to bottom or from bottom to top to move slowly make it display correctly, and then move up and down through the internal inspcetion watch panel instructions are correct. If there is no magnet can also keep the panel outer plastic cover solution with screwdriver wave magnetic column under back to normal. If the weaker magnetic magnetic column to remove the for replacement. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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