Magnetic float level meter in use when the scene environment correction steps

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-20
Take inspcetion liquidometer nickname magnetic level gauge, turning more other new dashboard types in terms of its more traditional measurement method, the buoyancy of water is based on the basic principle and the basic principle of magnetic coupling in the work, it does not have to rely on other ways can visually reflect slot tank liquid level meter, the accurate measurement visual advantage is highlighted, according to the options about kinds of machinery, equipment and methods to make its accurate measurement more commonly used in concrete production, according to embellish the dashboard, professional and technical personnel in many process ( 2 m or so) Take the precise measurement of the inspcetion flowmeter accuracy with differential pressure transmitter, but the specific standard of traction on the spot, various manufacturers have set up free advantage can't get a reflection of the maintenance, inspection requirements increase. Many types of belt inspcetion flowmeter appeared in the sales market, share with everyone here next to the application on the spot with what inspcetion flowmeter calibration method. A clear, the problem is put forward in accordance with the national metrological verification specification, 2 m level gauge should be according to the specification of the following storage tank equipment to carry out the metrological verification, even with more than 2 m simulation method to carry out the metrological verification [ 1] 。 But, by many process with its own inspcetion flowmeter specification limits, with more than 2 m inspcetion flowmeter level meter in the problems existing in the installation of the lab, and the technical specification for simulation way of metrological verification and not the actual show. So this kind of level gauge with inspcetion flowmeter can stay free online correction? Sum up, need to deal with the following several problems: ( 1) Liquid level meter accurately measure the relative density of the material category so wide, usually for 4. 8 to 1. 2 g/cm3, relative density on the level of harm how to carry out the adjustment data error; ( 2) Black box storage tanks on the spot like a plane, how to clear liquid level meter reference point for correction is an important problem; ( 3) The installation of the storage tank with inspcetion flowmeter is not * * * vertical, so how to select accurate measurement specification, how to measure, will look is critical. In this paper to induction electric remote data signals ( 4~20mA) Side mounted inspcetion flow meter as an example to discuss with simple and reasonable way of correction on the spot, in order to can exceed standard installation on the spot measurement level gauge deviation of all the system software and the goal, the uncertainty has practical significance. Second, the basic principle of structure with the buoyancy of water inspcetion flowmeter is based on the basic principle and with research and development of magnetic coupling effect. When measured vessel liquid level meter in the elevator, magnetic level gauge itself in the tube with oil level sensor with the elevator, oil level sensor in the * * * magnets according to magnetic coupling transferred to magnetic column indicator, column rotation drives red, white, so as to realize the liquid level meter clearly marked. According to the embedded dry reed pipe opening and closing of the contact point, keep the electricity flow or working voltage data signal transmission. Take inspcetion flowmeter in the original factory usually according to the simulation mode ( This way not indicated in the technical specification) With specific calibration, ensure delivery material. Third, on the spot correction steps ( 1) Clear substance relative density relative density to be able to use standard density gauge measuring precision, with inspcetion flowmeter can also produce according to the customer's actual material fast query, the relative density of material need to be dealt with record for the record, and relative density of material can meet the level the provisions of the manual. Although theoretically relative density range of liquid level gauge of material damage, but the specific application of liquid level meter back to zero and full value can according to the resistor adjustment back immediately. ( 2) A clear reference to 0 point a) Nominal pipe diameter D is measured with micrometer precision, with inspcetion flowmeter in the tank top clear liquid level meter feet under point 1 specification, if there is standard, fine polishing the into * * * good can grooved in case depth gauge shaking, and mark; b) Under the condition of the jar without working pressure for manual approach to infuse water storage tanks, when the water level slightly higher than the level when the water inlet end, take inspcetion flowmeter open the connection flange dish E manual ball valve and the loose connection between the tank and the school level gauge flange F ( Don't take out, cause water only) Until no rush flow pipe, the turn off E, remove the flange, liquid stability for jar open E, smooth again to a trickle, 1 min ( When necessary, can according to the drain valve pipes, to improve test efficiency) ; c) Take inspcetion flowmeter with sounding steel tape accurate measurement from the measurement point to the spacing between the river ha, specific high empty h0 = ha - back to zero D / 2, the situation is accurate measuring zero level gauge. ( 3) A) the level of correction Install a flange, turn off E, again into water, to flap labeled need correction liquid level meter main scale, after the river smooth and accurate measurement, high output power flow and water level Ii empty hi specific liquid level meter is: H0 = H0 - hi=ha- D / 2 - 你好; b) Once again the precise measurement of the other points with inspcetion flowmeter until full scale. ( 4) Liquid level meter calibration of zero point and full in clear reference to 0 points together, adjust the zero point resistor, prompting output electrical signal display information for 4 ma; Full adjust the specification limit on the development of liquid level meter and the full scale resistor, led to 20 ma output electrical signal display information. Bring in the scheduling precision measurement under the inspcetion flowmeter output if there is error, refer to the way to carry out the adjustment. Correction must be repeated on the spot the precise measurement of the three round about process
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