Magnetic flap liquid level meter using the principle of remote transmission of dry reed pipe and choice of related products

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-04
Level measurement for industrial production is an important production data, a large number of production process all need the support of the corresponding level data, magnetic flap liquid level gauge is a quantity of liquid level measurement is particularly common in the field of instrumentation, the product can not only realize local display can also be through remote transmission device for liquid level signal of lose, far eastone magnetic level gauge turning remote transmitter is the use of dry reed pipe to realize the liquid level switch. Dry reed pipe ( 舌簧开关) Also called magnetic reed switch, reed pipe or is a kind of special magnetic sensitive switch, is a major part of the reed relays and the proximity switch. It usually has two soft magnetic materials, non-magnetic metal reed contacts disconnect, sometimes there's a third as a normally closed contact of the reeds. The reed contacts are encapsulated in filled with inert gas ( Such as nitrogen, helium, etc. ) Or vacuum glass tube, glass tube parallel encapsulation of reed end overlap, and with a certain interval or touch each other to form normally open or normally closed contact of the switch. With the magnet close to it, dry reed pipe two nodes will suck together, make the circuit conduction. Magnetic level gauge turning far eastone partly by a float with a same and close to the transmitting tube length measurement, the transmitting the measuring tube is lined up a row of dry reed pipe, inspcetion movement with the liquid surface, the dry reed pipe will trigger the action, through measurement and conversion circuit transmitting, converted into a standard signal. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. * * in far eastone magnetic level gauge production for many years, turning to the magnetic flap by dry reed pipe signal remote transmission characteristics are very understanding, also in the production of magnetic flap on the liquid level meter is usually used to dry reed pipe, dry reed pipe quality directly affects the magnetic level gauge of far eastone turning precision and service life, so how to choose the dry reed pipe is our manufacturer must pay attention to. Is the use of the terminal customers need to know, in this study, how to choose the dry reed pipe is the same briefly to explain. * first: * we need to identify the first takes high-end course or low-end products, the product positioning? If you are sure is to take the product sales out without the use of care to the client that is another matter, good quality, and the dry reed pipe while the cost is higher than that in low quality, but will be able to get stable quality of the products is very cost-effective, embellish instrument as the * * magnetic level gauge production enterprise, turning has always been based on customer demand for high goals, so the choose and buy for raw materials and inspection is very strict, not allow poor quality raw materials into the production, also does not allow unqualified products into the market. Our products are in long-term cooperation with customers to win the recognition of customers, because we have excellent product quality. So here also tell all those who only ask low price purchasing magnetic level gauge turning buyers, price and quality must be associated, do not blindly covet is cheap, only products of high quality and stable performance is choose products used in two indicators. 2: we must according to the need to choose: the environment parameter to determine the selection is based on use what type of dry reed pipe. Also can be sure is to choose domestic or imported. Third: according to field use voltage to choose suitable dry reed pipe: such as through the alarm switch voltage is not big, then you can choose low pressure dry reed pipe, and vice versa. For example you need is a closed point signal, select normally open type dry reed pipe, the opposite with normally closed type. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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