Magnetic flap liquid level meter liquid sulfuric acid in the sulphuric acid process advantage in tank level measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-01
Magnetic level gauge turning the range is very wide, in many chemical and oil tank farm has a lot of use, and the magnetic level gauge can be turning against many different measurement field take each are not identical to matching device, make its adaptability is greatly enhanced, this is for sulphuric acid process liquid sulfuric acid tank level measurement magnetic level gauge turning advantage to do an introduction. Sulphuric acid process generally use rapid melt sulfur, liquid sulfur mechanical filter, mechanical atomizing burning sulfur technology, more use & other; 3 + 2' Two transfer and absorption process, and USES the intermediate pressure boiler economizer and recovery of sulfur burning and conversion process of waste heat, and central Asia superheated steam. Liquid sulfuric acid is corrosive, the storage tank of liquid sulfuric acid containing other toxic substances, advice was to choose high strength anti-corrosion material qualitative and high sealing liquid level gauge. May this process, in a certain temperature crystallization, at this time whether choose radar or magnetic level gauge, turning all need heat preservation. In the storage tank, of course, there will be a sulfur steam, so choose radar level meter will affect measurement, produce distortion, the blower can be added, however, also can be solved. Magnetic flap and the level is not affected by the influence of sulfur, can choose insulation type anticorrosive magnetic flap liquid level gauge. Four fluorine material can choose 304 stainless steel liner. Insulation types are: heat preservation cotton jacket heat preservation, heat preservation, steam vacuum jacketed heat preservation, thermal insulation, choose according to the crystallization temperature of the scene. If the medium temperature is in high temperature condition, so be sure to attach magnetic flap type high temperature liquid level requirements, because if not meet the conditions of high temperature liquid level meter, use after a period of time, the magnetic float by does not meet the requirements for high temperature loss of magnetic or other damage failure caused by high temperature. Some people say that with single flange level gauge, in this is not an occasion for atmospheric pressure, and sulfuric acid storage tank is not exposure rather than keep silence, certainly not suitable for single flange, but consider the double flange level gauge, but in terms of high temperature and high pressure, magnetic level gauge turning than double flange level gauge is wider. To sum up, according to different site conditions, radar level gauge has chosen, magnetic level gauge are turning to choose. Now the two works. Concrete which, according to the measuring range, easy installation, the temperature and pressure, the price will decide which one. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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