Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the solvent absorption equipment level measurement scheme selection of negative pressure condition

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-02
Is mentioned in this paper, level measurement involved in negative pressure state, generally speaking, the positive pressure or atmospheric level measurement is easy to implement, negative state tend to have trouble, because the external factors associated with increased, the measurement process is complicated. Maleic anhydride unit production process after technical reform since 2007, increased the solvent absorption section, but because of the complexity of the process, in the process of production, solvent absorption system is always part of the equipment is in a state of high temperature and high vacuum, bring serious test instrument measuring. Based on the situation of technical content, and connecting with the concrete implementation content, magnetic flap for liquid level some of the problems existing in the use, put forward some humble opinions. * chapter first project profile petrochemical factory maleic anhydride production process after technical reform since 2007, because of the complexity of the process, in the process of production, solvent absorption system is part of the equipment is always working under high temperature and high vacuum state, at the same time, also is more, the by-product of the selection of instrumentation and quality put forward higher request, also bring serious test instrument of measurement, especially some columns and container liquid level monitoring, is especially obvious. Chapter second choice to the level for the analysis of the status of the technical content level monitoring, according to the production condition, under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum, is likely to trigger a shutdown or other problems, concrete analysis is as follows: 1, vacuum if parsing system level measurement, high vacuum, will be volatile solvent circulation flow, the inlet pump and no medium, pump body and mechanical wear, result in leakage; 2, the liquid level data, misleading process operation, may cause Yan tower, the tower pressure, blocking process pipeline, a large amount of anhydride is contained in a large number of poor solvent, affect anhydride gas absorption, cause unnecessary waste of raw materials, increase the butane consumption; Magnetic level gauge, turning on the liquid level meter is in the process of production, due to reasons such as heating, magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion usually hang in solvents anhydride or reaction by-products, etc. , make the level of magnetic float chamber has changed, the weight of the buoyancy changed, eventually lead to the level measurement deviation. Far eastone liquid level display instrument of solvent absorption section, using a dual flange differential pressure transmitter, in the process of production, such as solvent of anhydride substances such as sedimentation, piling up in the inlet pressure, gradually hardens, sensor attached to the transmitter on the bellows, gradually cause measurement deviation value, instrument measuring phrase. Chapter iii project specific implementation content after instrumentation personnel's long-term observation and reasoning, decided to adopt the method of measuring liquid level method to this kind of instrument for technological transformation. T - In 1520 as an example, the tower's local level gauge to counter blowing method of measuring liquid level, central control room and far to, making T - RMB 1500 original level gauge LT - More than 1000 a comparison and reference, have more reference value to the operation of the production process. Technical renovation, the increasing number of the instrument are: ordinary differential pressure transmitter 1 table, 1 set of reverse blowing device, ball valve, DN10) Only, 3 ¢14 stainless steel pipe number, etc. The original T - Level measurement for below - 1520 1, as shown in the left side of the magnetic flap on the liquid level meter, the right for both flange differential pressure transmitter. Chapter iv cost is calculated according to the final selection of instrument in the modification of reformation and construction of the specific length of piping required, is expected to every level gauge the expenses incurred in technological upgrading shown in the table below: chapter 5 awareness and innovation point analysis by blow nitrogen into the transmitter connected to the equipment of pressure pipe, in the pressure tube forming positive pressure, and will accumulate in the medium such as pressure nozzle anhydride, blow into the tower, along with all the assurance of pressure pipeline flow, effectively solve the lead level gauge pressure pipe in a medium jam for misalignment problem, extend the service life of the instrument and meter misalignment brings to the operators of unnecessary workload, while protecting the production equipment, improved the security of the production run, solves the level are not allowed to be caused by other security hidden danger.
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