Magnetic flap liquid level gauge by dry reed pipe far eastone the principle of work and application instructions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-25
Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is very common in industrial production in the use of liquid level measuring instrument, in general, through the red and white double column refers to the unit, the user can realize the level of observation and record at the scene. If the production control requirements can be implemented at the remote data and related equipment for control of liquid level, you need to configure the corresponding remote transmission device for the signal output. Magnetic level gauge turning remote transmitter is the use of dry reed pipe to realize the liquid level switch. Magnetic level gauge turning liquid level transmitter of form a complete set to realize remote transmission and control what is measuring principle, writing instructions. * we first to dry reed pipe of a brief introduction of the working principle and internal structure of dry reed pipe ( 舌簧开关) Also called magnetic reed switch, reed pipe or is a kind of special magnetic sensitive switch, is a major part of the reed relays and the proximity switch. Usually have two soft magnetic materials, non-magnetic metal reed contacts disconnect, sometimes there's a third as a normally closed contact of the reeds. The reed contacts are encapsulated in filled with inert gas ( Such as nitrogen, helium, etc. ) Or vacuum glass tube, glass tube parallel encapsulation of reed end overlap, and with a certain interval or touch each other to form normally open or normally closed contact of the switch. With the magnet close to it, dry reed pipe two nodes will suck together, make the circuit conduction. Dry reed pipe than the general mechanical switch has simple structure, small volume, high speed, long service life; And compared with the electronic switch, it has strong ability to resist impact load characteristics and work reliability is high. Dry reed pipe in the application of magnetic level gauge turning magnetic flap liquid level meter remote parts of the remote device is the use of dry reed pipe. Its structure is with a float measuring pipe length and close to the same analog measurement, the transmitting the measuring tube is lined up a row of dry reed pipe, inspcetion movement with the liquid surface, the dry reed pipe will trigger the action, through measurement and conversion circuit transmitting, converted into a standard signal, through the corresponding transmission cable transmission to the control room. Magnetic level gauge turning dry reed pipe usage UHZ series far eastone type magnetic level gauge turning signal remote transmission by the combination of basic and liquid level remote device. Level far eastone device by UR resistance sensor and UB R/I conversion module, the transmitter of the sensor in the form of a bundle fixed on the outside of magnetic level gauge turning led tube, make its level gauge the same magnetic coupling system. When magnetic float move up and down with the liquid level, the corresponding level position of dry reed pipe suction, the effect of the magnetic field inside the float chain value changes, through the resistance of the signal conversion module will change into two wire 4 ~ 20 madc standard output signal, the signal can be easily and electric meter, display systems, can also with light indicator, digital display alarming device, thus achieve the purpose of display, control, regulation and alarm. Magnetic level gauge is the distinctive features of liquid medium and turning indicator is completely isolated, so in any case, is very safe, reliable, durable, and various types of liquid level meter with liquid level alarm, control switches, and implementation level or the position of the upper and lower limit offside control or alarm, interlock, or dry reed - with static pressure type fluid shift delivering Resistance type liquid level transmitter, liquid level, the position signal can be converted into two wire 4 - 20 madc standard signal, realizes the remote indication, detect, record and control. Suitable for corrosive medium and high working temperature and liquid level measurement, reliable structure, long service life. Is the preferred choice of hydrofluoric acid and the corrosive medium level measurement. Customized for the client, the temperature and pressure requirements is not high level gauge can use PP material of the company. Users can according to the requirements of the project, cooperate with remote transmitter use, can be realized on the digital display, as well as the standard of 4 ~ 20 ma output far eastone electrical signals, to match the recording instrument, or the needs of the industrial process control. Can also be used with magnetic control switch or close to switch, etc, the liquid level monitoring alarm and control into the liquid equipment. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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