Magnetic flap level gauge is analysed product verification and calibration method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-02
One, in this paper, the magnetic level gauge is a oil field, chemical industry, ship turning all kinds of fields such as liquid level display and warning of high measuring instruments, can be used for real-time measurement of all kinds of container level of a kind of measuring instrument, the liquid level meter under the condition of without increasing any electronic parts, can achieve the real-time display function, is advantageous for the container operator according to the instructions of liquid level height to adjust the control parameters, to ensure that containers within the medium level is within the normal range. In more used in boiler, water storage tank, oil tank, such as liquid level instructions. Among them, the magnetic flap liquid level meter because of its easy installation, indicating obvious, can transfer data remote and is widely used. But because the display is used to display the double column or the width of the flap itself has a few millimeters, thus showing precision is generally consistent with double column and the size of the flap, compared to other types of magnetic level gauge turning instrument accuracy is not high, due to its simple structure, the metrological verification or calibration work has not been the attention they deserve. Magnetic flap liquid level meter in use process, due to the influence of multiple factors, will produce different degree of measurement deviation, how to effectively solve the problem of magnetic level gauge turning error is a problem worthy of a unit using, this paper is with simulation level of magnetic flap verification/calibration method of liquid level meter, hope that users can work on this kind of instrument verification/calibration. The choose and buy more magnetic flap level gauge products and selection, please click the following link & gt;>>>>> Second, the basic principle as shown, magnetic flap liquid level gauge is designed on the basis of the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. Magnetic float in the position of the measured medium affected by buoyancy effect: the change of liquid level inspcetion of position changes. Liquid level increases, the magnetic float position; On the other hand, if the liquid level drops, the magnetic float down position is reduced. Magnetic float within the magnetic steel by magnetic coupling to a frame pointer, drive color frame to flip 180 & deg; , the colour of the flap to the discontinuous indicating container liquid level height to be tested. At the same time, the magnetic float in the magnet and sensors ( The magnetic reed switch) Function, make and connected to the circuit components ( Such as fixed value resistor) The number of changes, and then make the instrument circuit system of electrical signal ( Such as 4 ma ~ 20 ma current) Change. Through the remote measuring equipment to electrical signal changes to reflect the change of the container liquid level, realize the level of local display, remote transmission chain display and liquid level control, and other functions. Adding other auxiliary components can reach level locking, warning, etc. Three, metrological verification/calibration methods JJG 971 - 2002 'level gauge verification regulation' is pointed out that the value of liquid level meter error, in addition to the pattern evaluation ( Or prototype test) And * time calibration and verification of the three arbitration, both the simulation method of liquid level can be used for verification. On subsequent verification of the calibration and use of float type and ball float liquid level gauge calibration method is: & other; Can use manual way to move the float ( Floating ball) And with a steel tape measure float ( Floating ball) Displacement as a practical level, at the same time, record the level value for verification. ” Magnetic flap for the level due to float in the body, can't touch directly, therefore directly observe float move quantity cannot be achieved. If use the standard gauge tank calibration device for verification, need to consider such factors as the position of the flange connection, range, and the magnetic flap liquid level gauge can be used in the oil can also be applied to the water, with standard gauge tank calibration device, waste of resources. Considering the magnetic float with magnetic level gauge, turning with a magnet to absorb float, drive the float move, with the magnet mobile intuitive to replace this float move in the body. Magnetic float moving distance is measured with a steel tape, simulated rising liquid level height, and conducted on the flap indicator reading, at the same time, the measuring far transmission of electrical signals change, transform it into the length of the corresponding change. Will be comparing the three groups of data, get the magnetic level gauge turning error value. Than the method of using standard gauge tank calibration device is more convenient and easy. Typically, a range of ( 0 ~ 1) M magnetic level gauge turning precision of 1. 5%, that is, the large margin of error for & plusmn; 1. 5cm。 According to the standard and inspection table between precision requirements, the precision of the standard should not be greater than zero. 5%, may carry on the examination/calibration work. Four, matters needing attention, 1) With this kind of method for verification/calibration of magnetic liquid level gauge for subsequent verification of measuring instruments, turning * time verification, arbitration and finalize the design verification and identification shall not apply this method; ( 2) The location of the magnet adsorption magnetic float in the rear of the liquid level meter, not on the flap indicator, lest affect the flap indicator readings; ( 3) Magnetic float in magnetic level gauge ontology to its original position often is not on the lower end of the body, when the magnet to absorb magnetic float to the location of the initial position when the magnet to the initial position; ( 4) Verification when the state of the vertical level gauge is often not good operation, can choose the flat or slightly sloping way verification; ( 5) The magnet need to far away from the electronic measuring equipment, so as not to cause damage to electronic measuring equipment. Although five magnetic flap, summary level gauge for medium density, measuring pressure and environmental requirements, but its meet the demand of most of the oil field and the related test ship. Although this kind of instrument accuracy is low, the working principle of simple, still should be timely inspection, security, scientific and reliable test data to be in the at the same time, security related staff's personal safety. Hope in this paper for the general measurement workers provide a way to calibrate the instrument at the same time also can cause the instrument makes the user of the instrument work seriously.
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