Magnetic flap level gauge how to carry out the installation of alarm and remote

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-31
Working principle of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge is according to Archimedes's principle, using the magnetic buoy drives double color chip ( Or double color double column) Working principle of the location to display the liquid surface, specific can visit the following url: xinwenhuodong / 1322. HTML, there is a clear visual animation and description. Adopt double color ( White in the gas phase, red liquid) Double display. Generally used for high temperature medium aluminum magnetic flap, the normal temperature of the media is plastic magnetic double column. When the liquid level rises, the liquid phase into turning red, drawdown, gas phase into turning black, thus marked indicating container liquid level change, continuous intuitive instructions marked, no blind area, did not produce false level under any circumstances. And simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, the range is big, high pressure service life is long, wide use, is in measuring the terminal use one of the major kinds of liquid level meter. Below the level gauge can be fitted with a drain valve, when need to open the drain valve and exclude dirt. And above with empty bolt, eliminate air can unscrew the bolt when necessary. At the side of the level gauge tube body according to user needs to add on the lower limit alarm, alarm points two: ( 1) RZ517/01 type alarm: in a dynamic type (alarm Normally open) Dry reed pipe, when the body tube float liquid level rise, Drop) To the alarm set point, the magnets will make the dry reed pipe in the float closed, signal contact, and when the float with liquid level up ( Drop) After leaving the alarm point, that point signal automatically withdrawn. ( 2) RZ517/02 type alarm: in a driven by magnetic coupling alarm switch alarm, emergency alarm when float across the upper and lower limits, drive the alarm switch signal, realize the liquid level alarm or control. The alarm switch is a normally open contacts and a normally closed contact. With liquid level not restore alarm signal not eliminate memory function, for the safe operation in the process of production has played a very important role. If the user is needed when using remote observation and monitoring, you need to add electric remote transmitter, far transmission standard 4 - 20 ma signal for liquid level signal output, for liquid level signal remote transmission to the secondary instrument for indicating control and detection. If you want to buy or selection, please enter the magnetic level gauge products and selection page for details of choose and buy: turning cfbywj / 1155. HTML magnetic level gauge manufacturer turning application instructions: l, side mounted liquid level meter and the upper and lower points of the measured container tube well between each put in a globe valve to open or close the level; On the other hand bring convenience for maintenance level gauge. In upper and lower cut-off valve is closed to open the drain flange at the bottom of the liquid level gauge or remove drain screw, injected water can clean the body of the liquid level gauge. 2, installation, level gauge, the perpendicularity of the flange centerlines & le; 4‰ , when the level gauge measurement range greater than 3 m, need to consider increasing the middle flange reinforcement ( Or one climbing) As a fixed support in order to increase strength. 3, form a complete set of remote transmission between liquid level transmitter and secondary instrument connection, ask the conductor cross section area of attachment should be greater than zero. 8mm。 With ac power parallel laid the same way, more than 20 cm intervals should be maintained at least, good wear iron pipe laying, alone or with shielded cable laying, shielding layer can only be grounded at one end. 4, choose level controller, its contact capacity with impedance load design, such as non resistance or strong power load depends on intermediate relay switch. 5, the liquid medium containing suspended impurities of paramagnetic substance, unfavorable use this liquid level meter, because of these impurities can cause jam to float components. 6, shape the structure of the blind area associated with medium density. Therefore, different media have different blind spots.
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