Magnetic flap about liquid level gauge field calibration method and the specific operation steps

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-16
Magnetic flap the level compared with other new type of instrument for its more traditional measurement method, is based on the buoyancy principle and the working principle of magnetic coupling, it does not need to use other means can intuitively reflect the actual state of tank level its intuitive advantage is very outstanding, by selecting the relevant type of equipment and technology can make the measurement more widely application in actual production, according to embellish instrument technicians, in large scale ( More than 2 m) Magnetic flap of level gauge measurement accuracy are neck and neck with differential pressure transmitter, but the restriction of the actual conditions, maintenance-free advantages of each manufacturer brand couldn't be reflected, detection of demand also will increase. More and more kinds of magnetic level gauge appeared in the market, turning here and share in the field use magnetic flap level gauge what calibration method. A, problem, put forward based on the description of the national verification regulation, 2 m below the level through the standard calibration device of water tank, more than 2 m also need simulation verification [ 1] 。 However, the restrictions on the size of the magnetic level gauge turning itself, in a wide range of magnetic liquid level meter liquid level meter more than 2 m turning installation problems in the laboratory, and procedures of simulation verification method for details. Magnetic level gauge turning such level gauge can realize on-line calibration? Sum up, it is necessary to solve the following questions: ( 1) The level of medium density measurement range are wide, general is 0. 8 to 1. 2 g/cm3, how the effect of density on the level measurement error correction; ( 2) On-site storage tank as a black box, how to determine the level calibration reference point is one of the key problems; ( 3) Magnetic flap liquid level meter liquid storage tank installation can't be * * vertical, so how to choose the measurement standard, how to measure, will appear very important. In this paper a charged remote transmission signal, 4 ~ 20mA) Side mounted magnetic flap liquid level meter as an example to explore a simple and effective calibration method, in order to reach under the condition of the installation error of the measurement of the liquid level of the whole system and its uncertainty, the purpose of practical significance. Second, the structure principle of magnetic flap liquid level meter was developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, tube of the magnetic float level gauge ontology is lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, driven column turn red, white, so as to realize level clear instructions. Through the opening of the built-in dry reed pipe contacts, current or voltage signal transmission. Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the factory (usually by simulation method This method didn't explain) in this discipline To carry on the adjustment, to ensure that supply match with the actual medium. Third, the site calibration steps ( 1) Determine medium density medium density can be measured with standard density gauge, magnetic flap level gauge can also according to the user to provide specific data collect, medium density should be recorded for the record, to ensure that the medium density can accord with the requirement of level gauge instructions. Although theoretically medium density values have impact on the level gauge, but the actual use of the level of zero and full value can directly adjust potentiometer. ( 2) To determine the reference zero point a) Connection pipe diameter D is measured with vernier caliper, magnetic level gauge turning under the upper tank to determine a standard level of foot points, if there are any conditions, better able to grind the grooved lest depth gauge swing, and mark; b) Without pressure condition on the interior of the tank to the storage tank water injection in manual way, when the water level slightly higher than the level gauge feed line stop pouring, magnetic level gauge turning E manual ball valve to open the connection flange and loosen the tanks and the school level gauge between the connecting flange of F ( Don't get off, but blunt water) Until there is no flowing in the pipeline flow, close E, remove the flange, stay inside the tank liquid smooth open E, again for the drip status, stable 1 min ( Through the drain valve drainage when necessary, and improve the detection efficiency) ; c) Magnetic level gauge with sounding turning steel tape measure from point to surface ha, the distance between the actual high h0 = ha - zero empty D / 2, this state level gauge measuring the zero. ( 3) Each level calibration points a) Mount the flange, closed E, continues the tank with water, to frame instruction needs calibration scale level of the main place, after waiting for the water stable measurement, high output current and water level Ii empty hi actual level for: H0 = H0 - hi= ha- D / 2 - 你好; b) Continue to other points of measurement of magnetic flap level gauge until full scale. ( 4) Liquid level adjustment of zero and full in determining the reference zero point at the same time, adjust the zero potentiometer, makes the output signal is shown as 4 ma; Full adjustment in the upper limit of standard level, increase full range potentiometer, makes the output electric signal display to 20 ma. Magnetic flap under the liquid level gauge measurement output if there is a deviation, with reference to the method to adjust. Field calibration need repeat the above steps 3 return measurement. Four, conclusion of magnetic flap level gauge field calibration instrument is simple and practical, the maneuverability is strong, solve the problems of liquid level instrumentation laboratory cannot be detected in a wide range and has more practical value. In the case of not direct contact with the liquid medium, magnetic level gauge if turning inclination of tiny, measuring point surface level of tank, also can be replaced with a laser range finder depth steel tape measure, in spite of this, the test also has certain limitation, this method is not applicable to pressure vessel or volatile medium level calibration. Also as domestic magnetic flap, the level of productivity, produce magnetic level gauge turning more and more high, the measuring accuracy is becoming more and more high, the magnetic flap liquid level meter used in industry, not just in some chemistry and biotechnology research, is also very popular. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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