'Made in China 2025' industrial pilot plan unfolds formally opened five major areas

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-01
“ Throughout 2025 & made in China; The lodging cause of the concept of from Germany put forward & other; Industrial manufacturing 4. 0' , in March 2014, when President xi jinping to visit Germany in the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung published a signed article proposes that the new science and technology and industrial revolution be vividly portrayed, countries around the world are scrambling to adjust, adapt, to implement the necessary reforms, the article highlights the German & other; 4. 0' Strategy, the German industrial manufacturing as manufacturing strong demonstration center, its industrial manufacturing 4. 0 plans for industrial development direction has a guiding significance. China's intelligent manufacturing 2025 plan at the same time also should start, as the direction of China's industrial transformation and upgrading, in & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; The backdrop of the planning horizon, contain huge investment opportunities. Thus, high-end manufacturing reflux in developed countries, developing countries to low-end manufacturing advantage prominent domestic division of labor pattern, China from a manufacturing power upgrade manufacturing powerhouse gripper has clear & ndash; — Development of intelligent manufacturing, its are two depth fusion, German industrial 4. 0, U. S. industry Internet concept behind the common factor. As the Chinese version of industrial 4. 0 - — “ Throughout 2025 & made in China; Preheating, on March 18th, the ministry issued the special action demonstration pilot implementation of intelligent manufacturing 2015 notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') And intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration in 2015 special action plan ', the official start of intelligent manufacturing pilot. Intelligent manufacturing is not only a breakthrough for the development of informatization and industrialization depth fusion, also is one of the breakthrough point of the Internet industry, over the next 20 years, China's industrial development of the Internet can bring at least $3 trillion or so GDP growth, after the Internet application industry, enterprise efficiency will increase by about 20%, costs can drop 20%, energy conservation and emissions reduction can drop by about 10%. By the State Council executive meeting of the review & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; , is expected to be issued in the recent foreign, will be on manufacturing planning innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green development, high-end equipment five engineering to carry out the innovation. At the same time, the dividend policy is more intelligent manufacturing is that in addition to the total file, the future will build & other; 1 X” Planning system, such as intelligent manufacturing planning, or planning informatization and industrialization fusion. Planning: the five pilot actions in the field of intelligent manufacturing is the combination of manufacturing technology and information technology, involving numerous industry industry, focused on the key link of the intelligent manufacturing pilot, help to accurately grasp the relevant industry opportunities for investment. And make the pilot notice according to intelligence, the classifying process discrete manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, equipment and products, and new forms new model of intelligent manufacturing intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, intelligent management, intelligence service and so on six big key action. We can found that aimed at six in the pilot direction, each has its pertinence. * first, in view of the production process of intelligent, more accurately, the mode of production of modernization, intelligent. According to the notice requirements, in the process of manufacture, represented by intelligent plant represented by digital workshop of discrete manufacturing, respectively, to choose more than five pilot demonstration project. Among them, in the process of manufacturing, the key to promote petrochemical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, textile, food and other industries, demonstrated and intelligent factory or digital mine use; In the field of discrete manufacturing, key propulsion machinery, automobile, aviation, shipbuilding, light industry, household electrical appliances, electronic information industry, etc. Second, in view of the intelligent products, reflected in the represented by information technology deeply embedded intelligent pilot demonstration equipment and products. Is the chip, sensors, instrumentation, intelligent products such as embedded software system in the intelligent equipment, makes the product dynamic storage, awareness and communication ability, realize product traceability, identifiable, and can locate. According to the notice, in including high-end chip, new sensors, robots and other industries, the selection of more than 10 integrated application of intelligent equipment and products. Third, in view of the manufacturing industry in the new model of new forms to be intelligent, known as industrial direction of the Internet. According to the notice, in the personalization, the network collaborative development, electronic commerce as a representative of new model of intelligent manufacturing new forms to implement pilot demonstration, for example, in household appliances, such as cars and consumer related industries, to carry out the personalization pilot; In iron and steel, food, rare earth industry e-commerce pilot demonstration and product information traceability. Fourth, in view of the management intellectualization. In logistics informationization, energy management wisdom and promote intelligent management, to information technology and modern management concept into the enterprise management. Fifth, in view of the intelligence services. For on-line monitoring, remote diagnosis, cloud services on behalf of the pilot demonstration of intelligent service. Deputy director general of ministry of industry and electronic information AnXiaoPeng thinks, intelligent service, as for the enterprise how to efficient, accurate, and to excavate the potential needs of customers in time and real time response, but also for the product after delivery of products online ( O2O) Service and realize the product whole life cycle management. Two forces in the service of intelligent relative to one another, a force is one of the traditional manufacturing enterprises continue to expand the service business, a force is Internet companies from consumer Internet industry into the Internet. In the above three aspects of selected a total of more than 10 pilot demonstration project. Macro research thought of the 21st century, the above five aspects, the longitudinal view, throughout the whole cycle of manufacturing production; Lateral perspective, but also contains the basic tradition and advantage of China's manufacturing sector projects. If together, we emphatically recommended massive intelligent equipment and associated with new model of new forms of partial service industry.
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