Isolation type pressure transmitter why prices too expensive?

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-06
Isolation type pressure transmitter is mainly for special used by measuring medium, namely from the measured medium after leaving the equipment can produce crystallization, and using normal transmitter will need to take out medium, general will guide tube and bellows room jams make it doesn't work, so you have to choose isolation. Isolation usually done flange installation, namely the opening on the equipment under test of flange transmitter is installed it induced diaphragm is part of the equipment wall, so that it won't take out the measured medium, general won't cause crystallization jam. When demand higher crystallization temperature measured medium, can choose the diaphragm bulgy structure, this sensing diaphragm can be inserted into the device, thus did not reduce the induction to the medium temperature, such measurement is guaranteed, namely choose insert flange transmitter. Isolation type pressure transmitter isolation type pressure or differential pressure transmitter production complex, the material demand is high, so the price is usually normal transmitter 3 times. On the selection of pressure or differential pressure transmitter main basis is: will be subject to the nature of the measured medium index, in order to save money and ease of installation and maintenance for reference. As for the high viscosity measured medium easy crystallization corrosion situation, must choose isolation transmitter. What should be considered in the selection of its medium corrosion of metal bellows, must choose good bellows material, otherwise will be a very short time after using diaphragm corrosion bad, flange will be bad cause equipment corrosion and personal accident, therefore, the material selection is a top priority. Transmitter of bellows material has ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel, tantalum bellows material, etc. What should be considered in the selection of the temperature of the measured medium, general 200 ~ 400 ℃, if the temperature is high to choose high temperature type, or silicone oil will produce vaporizing expansion, making measurements is not allowed. What should be considered in the selection of equipment work stress level, pressure transmitter level must be consistent with the service. From an economic perspective, the bellows and insertion of the material to the right, but the connecting flange can choose carbon steel, chrome plating, this will save a lot of funds. Isolation type selection of pressure transmitter is threaded connection form, save money and convenient installation. For ordinary pressure and differential pressure transmitter type selection, also want to consider the corrosive problem of measured medium, but you can use the medium temperature does not consider, because ordinary pressure transmitter is bring pressure to the table, the long-term working temperature to room temperature, but the normal use of maintenance amount is larger than isolation. First is the heat problem, winter temperatures in the north, and guide tube freezes, the transmitter will not work or even damaged, it will need to increase the heat insulation box, etc.
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