Introduces a remote magnetic level gauge appeared degaussing turning causes and related troubleshooting methods

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-23
Far eastone type magnetic flap liquid level meter work principle is to use the principle of magnetic coupling, the change of liquid level height change cause the magnetic float inside the pipe, and then drive the level of red and white color on the panel of correspondingly, in order to show the measurement of liquid level in container. Daily use process, far eastone magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion occasionally, the phenomenon of the degaussing, the emergence of degaussing phenomenon will result in far eastone magnetic flap liquid level measurement is not accurate. Especially the type high temperature far eastone magnetic level gauge (turning High temperature and high pressure type magnetic flap far eastone level gauge) Its use is generally more than 180 degrees Celsius temperature, its installation disassembly has certain risk. The following points on how to avoid far eastone degaussing do inductive magnetic flap level gauge: one, from the point of view of the production, processing and inspcetion should pay attention to the following: 2, from the design point of view, should choose the appropriate hard magnetic materials. Such as the Curie temperature is higher than using temperature more than 20% and selected to ensure that five years later remanent magnetism more than the critical value of magnetic materials. Three, welding ( Argon arc welding) When cooling measures needed to avoid inspcetion magnetic CaiLiaoChu temperature more than Curie temperature of a magnetic material. Four, inspcetion fill inert gas ( Such as argon) 。 Five, from the point of view of use, the user to do the following: 1, choose the proper type, when you order it to use temperature not to exceed far eastone magnetic flap nominal temperature of the liquid level meter; According to manufacturer's product specifications to choose the appropriate models. 2, in use, to observe the conditions of the use of level gauge, Whether the normal service) , but also the actual temperature of the recording medium ( We met such a situation, the real temperature tend to be higher than the temperature on the parameter list, design parameter table people may overlook certain factors) 。 Magnetic flap for the far eastone liquidometer daily maintenance work is also very important, we often use the remote transmission of magnetic flap liquid level gauge is commonly used to display the tower, the tank liquid level. According to the remote transmission type magnetic flap design principle of liquid level meter under normal circumstances should be level of the place should be to show red column, no liquid column should display is white, this is the normal situation, if found far eastone magnetic flap liquidometer appear no matter what level change, liquid level and air column critical point is red, the other part with the liquid level and liquid level are white column, this kind of situation mainly has the following several kinds of causes, analysis is as follows: 1, this kind of problem appears * first need to verify the real value of liquid level concrete, confirm really have the liquid level in the tank. Or open the diverter valve check whether really have the liquid level inside the tank. 2, check the line of the cut-off valve is open. If confirm with liquid level, then carefully check float, after checking the float switch cut-off valve, magnetic float level gauge turning back into remote transmission. 3, according to the principle of magnetic flap design because it is the level where, float because of the in what position. Since the critical point of the liquid level and the atmosphere is red column, so for the said float does not get stuck, it's right, the air below the critical point directly to the frame with magnet using magnetic coupling to turn into a red double column. 4, if again putting-in-service proactively level gauge float to reduce the level to zero. The magnetic rotor, usually be found after can look at the monitor whether have damage, if be in foreign body. If not, then that is a float. With the iron on the wall, and confirm the position of the float, confirm the float have no card, and then the lower part of the inspcetion painted red column, column above to white, if customers don't trust, can open the drain valve to discharge, emission and putting-in-service proactively again. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD.
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